Psychic emanator

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Psychic emanator

Psychic emanator

An ancient device that projects a soothing psychic field around itself. This improves the mood of anyone nearby. Works through walls.

Base Stats

Market Value
1300 Silver
15 kg
Path Cost


1 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness
-200 W

The psychic emanator is a special building only found through world quests that provides a mood bonus to all human pawns around it when powered.


Psychic emanators cannot be constructed nor bought from traders. Instead they can only be acquired as a reward for performing quests. Note that quest rewards are selected with a weighted random generator, so there is no way to guarantee access to an emanator in a given play-through. Anecdotally, it is often reported that the increased number of reward options added by the DLC dilute the reward pool with more options.


When provided with 200W of power, a psychic emanator projects an aura in a 14.9-tile radius around itself. This radius is not blocked by any structure, including walls. All human pawns within the radius experience a "Psychic emanator soothe" thought that provides a +5 mood bonus, directly scaled to the psychic sensitivity of the pawn. That is, a psychically hypersensitive pawn, with the resulting 180% sensitivity, will experience a +9 mood bonus, while a psychically deaf pawn with 0% sensitivity will have no change to their mood at all. All humans in range experience the thought - colonist, raider, and guest alike.

The mood bonus only lasts for as long as a pawn remains within its area of effect.

The effects of multiple emanators do not stack.


Due to the combination of its somewhat short range and no lasting effect its advised to place it either in a hospital to help negate some of the negative effects of being bedridden with an illness, near prison cells or a chronically depressive pawns bed/work space. Because of the rarity and high value of the emanator, you can wall to prevent angry pawns from destroying it during a tantrum, or raiders from damaging or stealing it.

If targeted at improving the mood of a specific pawn, consider placing them in eltex clothingContent added by the Royalty DLC to maximize the effect on their mood.

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