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Quests are a class of event where a challenge is performed in order to gain a reward.


Quests are found in the Quests tab. Most quests are offered by a faction, but they can be offered by individual pawns or unaligned AI's. Most quests have to be accepted, but some are automatically given. Some quests have requirements to be accepted, and others have a time limit for acceptance. Quests can be "trashed" by clicking on the trash can icon, but is purely visual and can be reversed (Quests/Historical).

Most quests are time sensitive, and have one or both of these timers:

  • The first timer is the limit to accept the quest. If not accepted, the quest will be rejected.
  • The second timer is the time to do the quest, or alternatively, how long a quest lasts for.

Not all quests have a time limit. The 3 endgame quests in particular (Ship to the Stars, Royal AscentContent added by the Royalty DLC, ArchonexusContent added by the Ideology DLC) can be done at any time.

Some Quests, such as the beggars quest, are accepted automatically

Without the Royalty DLC, you will receive 1 quest every 10 day interval - this means that quests can be up to 19.9 days apart. With the Royalty DLC active, you will get 2 quests every 12 day interval, as this DLC introduces many more possible quests.[Verify]


Quests use the raid points mechanic to determine quest size. In general, the larger the colony, the more difficult and more rewarding quests will be. Unlike standard Major Threats that only use the raid points of that map tile or caravan, quests use the total raid point value from all colonies and caravans. If multiple colonies are open simultaneously, carefully read which colony will encounter the quest threat.

Quests can be from 1 to 3 stars. The more stars, the higher the raid point multiplier, and the harder the quest will be. One star quests are standard raid points. Two star quests are double Raid Points and Three Star is triple raid points. Quests also have a 30% raid point variance that causes quest threats to be up to 30% smaller or larger. These variation takes place on all Storytellers and the 50% Randy Random Raid Point multiplier does not apply to quests.

The 3 endgame quests, exclusively, are listed as 4 stars. However, they do not scale in the same way as with other quests.


There are a few reward types - from simple rewards such as plasteel and hyperweave, to quest-exclusive items like tornado generators and vanometric power cells, to factional goodwill and new colonists. Sometimes, the quest is its own reward, such as solving a condition causerContent added by the Royalty DLC or escaping the planet. Quests may only have 1 reward, or they can have a pool of 3 rewards to choose from.

If you accept a quest for goodwill or honorContent added by the Royalty DLC, those will be the only quest rewards, so you cannot receive both honor, goodwill and items from the same quest, excluding hospitality, bandit camp and crashed shuttle quests.

Reward preferences can be altered at the bottom of the quest menu. This allows you to choose if you want goodwill or honorContent added by the Royalty DLC from a specific faction. Disabling these rewards means you'll get another pool of rewards to choose from, but it is still possible to receive faction goodwill through keeping high moods during hospitality quests.

Certain pawn join rewards - typically the ones offered by the pawn themselves, but all on console - will not give detailed information about the pawn themselves. You will be able to see their age and backstory before accepting. For example, a Nurse will always have some amount of Medical skill, but will almost always be incapable of Violence. However, others may allow you to preview them as if viewing their info tab.

Main reward options:


Most quests can be failed in a couple of general ways:

  1. Not accepting it / Not completing it in time.
  2. Becoming hostile with the quest giver's faction.
  3. Becoming neutral with an enemy faction you were supposed to fight.

Quests can be failed in other ways, depending on the type of quest. No matter what, if you've gotten the quest reward, then you have the reward.

List of quests[edit]

This section covers all the quests available in Core RimWorld. For DLC content, see #Royalty, #Ideology, and #Biotech.

Bandit Camp[edit]

A faction has contacted you about an outpost of a mutual enemy. Destroy it to be rewarded.

When accepting this quest:

  • An event space generates somewhere near your colony, with enemies inside.
    • Timer starts as soon as the base is generated, and will remain the same regardless of when it is accepted.

As soon as the enemies are "fleeing" (>50% of enemies downed or killed), you will be rewarded at your colony. Plus, the camp itself can generate with some loot.

Downed Refugee[edit]

A refugee has contacted you for help. They are downed and need your help. As a pawn join event, it will be less common as you gain more people.

When this quest appears:

  • You have a certain time frame to reach the downed refugee. The refugee won't starve or bleed out before you reach the event space.
  • Any specified threats will be present. An unknown threat may appear as you approach the refugee.
  • Generally, the refugee won't have any bleeding wounds at all, meaning you have time to deal with any threats that appear. When rescued, they will gain the +18 Rescued moodlet for 30 days.

Select a colonist, right click on the refugee, and click "offer help" in order to accept them into your colony. You can see the pawn's bio and stats before accepting them. If you don't like the pawn, then you can leave with no penalty.

Item Stash[edit]

You have been contacted about items nearby your colony.

When this quest appears:

  • You have a certain time frame to reach the item stash.
  • Any specified threats will be present. An unknown threat may appear as you approach the stash.

Peace Talks[edit]

An enemy faction is willing to talk. Depending on your negotiator, they may become ease relations, or immediately attack you. This needs a hostile faction that is willing to become allies.

When this quest appears:

  • You have a certain, random time frame to reach the peace talk location. This time is not listed in the quest description. As soon as you reach the event tile, the event will trigger.
  • This quest has various outcomes, increasing or decreasing goodwill. The chance of each outcome is determined randomly[Fact Check needed], influenced by the Negotiation Ability[Fact Check needed] of the best pawn you set into the caravan.
    • Triumph - Goodwill increases by 50-75, faction leaves a gift of silver.
    • Success - Goodwill increases by 25-75.
    • Flounder - No change in relations.
    • Backfire - Goodwill decreases by 10-50.
    • Disaster - Goodwill decreases by 25-75, immediate attack on caravan party.

Peace talks will train the negotiator's Social skill. Even if peace talks were a "Triumph", the faction may still be hostile to you. You can send gifts to increase goodwill to 0, where they will become neutral. You cannot ever gain goodwill with pirate factions or any faction listed as "hostile" in the Factions screen, so they will never offer you this quest.

Prisoner Rescue[edit]

A prisoner has called you for help. If you can free them, then they will join the colony. As a pawn join event, it will be less common as you gain more people.

When this quest appears:

  • You have a certain timeframe to reach the prisoner camp. When you arrive, you'll need to defeat all enemies.
  • The prisoner starts with some food in their cell. When rescued, they will gain the +18 Rescued moodlet for 30 days.

In order to recruit the prisoner: first, defeat enemies. Then, claim the prison cell's door, or just destroy the cell's walls. Select a colonist, right click on the prisoner, and click "Free Prisoner". You can see the pawn's bio and stats before accepting them. If you don't like the pawn, then you can leave with no penalty.

Threatened Joiner[edit]

A pawn is threatened by some sort of mutual enemy. As a pawn join event, it will be less common as you gain more people.

When accepting this quest:

Trade Request[edit]

A faction base is requesting a special offer. You have a certain amount of time to get to the faction base and deliver the items.

When accepting this quest:

  • You will have to deliver the requested items. All items must be of normal quality or higher and cannot be tainted, but item HP does not matter.
    • You can't send the items directly via transport pod, but you can transport pod a pawn and the items to the location.
  • A timer starts as soon as you accept this quest. The time limit does not compensate you if you accept the quest early; accepting the quest later is advantageous as it gives more time.

Rewards are received as soon as items are delivered. Item rewards are inserted into the caravan that fulfilled the offer in the first place; make sure you can carry it back.

Ore Lump[edit]

A long-range mineral scanner has found a lump of ore. You have a certain amount of time to get the ore before others retrieve it. Note: this quest only appears when using the long-range mineral scanner.

When this quest appears:

  • You have a certain timeframe (30 days) to reach the ore lump. You have 10 days to mine the ore before raids start arriving.
  • Any specified threats will be present. An additional unknown threat may appear as you approach the ore lump.

The reward is that you get to mine the minerals you've scanned for. Many minerals are very heavy and need either pack animals or transport pods to bring back.

Resource No. of Tiles Total Yield Total Mass (kg) Market Value
Steel 55 - 60 2200 - 2400 1100 - 1200 4180 - 4560
Plasteel 10 - 15 400 - 600 100 - 150 3600 - 5400
Components 50 - 70 100 - 140 60 - 84 3200 - 4480
Silver 60 - 80 2400 - 3200 16.8 - 22.4 2400 - 3200
Gold 8 - 12 320 - 480 2.5 - 3.8 3200 - 4800
Uranium 15 - 20 600 - 800 600 - 800 3600 - 4800
Jade 20 - 25 700 - 875 350 - 438 3500 - 4375


Royalty Intro Quests[edit]

These quests appear only once, near the start of the game. These offer distinct interaction with the empire faction.

Noble Wimp[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A high-ranking noble is being chased by a small, manhunting animal. This quest generally appears after 8-11 days from colony start, but can appear later on or never generate. This quest won't appear if you have under 3 colonists, if you have disabled honor in your Reward Preferences, or if you are in an extreme biome.

When accepting this quest:

  • An empire noble, always with the Wimp trait, joins your colony as a quest lodger. A single manhunter animal - rat, squirrel, or raccoon at largest, will be following them.
  • After 3 hours from accepting the quest, a shuttle will arrive to pick up the noble. The noble can be carried to the shuttle if they are downed.

This quest always gives 8 honor, enough to get a pawn to the Yeoman rank.

Notes: You can arrest the noble wimp, if so desired. The noble will have a massive amount of resistance due to their title (+75 for count), which makes it not worth it - unless you have a recruitment inspiration available.

  • However, with the Ideology DLC, they can be enslavedContent added by the Ideology DLC with much less effort. Slavery removes the conceited work restrictions, and gives an innate mood buff that counters regular noble requirements. Meanwhile, being a wimp makes slave rebellions easy to quell. Slavery can be worth betraying the empire, if the noble has some very desirable psycasts, like Berserk Pulse, Farskip, or Neuroquake.

The Deserter[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC Somebody has deserted the empire. Accepting them will mean that you'll become enemies with the empire. This quest generally appears after 26-29 days of the colony start, but can appear later on or never generate.

When accepting this quest:

  • The deserter joins you as a colonist. This deserter will be of the "Trooper" pawn type. They will always be capable of violence, and have a Shooting skill between 4 - 10 (before xenotypeContent added by the Biotech DLC).
  • −200 goodwill with the empire. (Goodwill has a cap of -100)
  • You will have to fight the "loyalty squad" from the empire. Due to how early this quest appears, this is likely to be just 1 trooper.
  • An empire outpost will be generated, with 2 psylink neuroformers, along with other camp loot. This goes away after 60 days.

It does not matter what happens to the deserter pawn after you have accepted the quest. You will still have access to the neuroformer camp.


  • There is nothing stopping you from befriending the empire later, by giving them gifts and/or doing quests for goodwill.
  • Can be worth betraying the empire in just for the gear the deserter brings, especially in Naked Brutality. If you're lucky, then the loyalty squad will only be downed, netting you a second pair of trooper gear.

Desperate Refugees[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC Desperate refugees are looking to stay at your colony to rest and regroup.

When accepting this quest:

  • Refugees join as quest lodgers, and will do work. These refugees will never be afiliated with any faction. The higher your current colonist population, the more refugees appear, but the less likely the quest is to generate.
    • Refugees may offer to join the colony, especially if they are kept happy. There is no penalty for not accepting this join offer.
    • Refugees may betray you. They will become enemies, pick up any nearby weapons, and attack colonists as if they were raiders. They will never betray you on their own if you get a betrayal offer yourself.
    • Refugees will never betray you if one of them is childContent added by the Biotech DLC and the storyteller setting, Child enemies is turned off.
  • If a refugee is arrested, experienced a harmful surgery, or killed for any reason, then the other refugees will either receive a −12 moodlet, leave your colony (failing the quest), or betray you immediately.
  • If the refugees stay for the full period of time and they leave the map successfully, then there is a chance you will get a random, wealth-scaled reward in the future.


  • If you really want a refugee to join your colony, then it's best to arrest one of them immediately, to avoid the chance of betrayal and subsequent death. Draft all the other refugees as far away as possible, for when they go hostile.
  • If you plan on capturing refugees, you can apply anesthetic to them. This allows you to capture every one of them for whatever purposes you'll want.

Betrayal offer[edit]

A member of another faction has learned that the refugees are in your faction, and wants them dead.

  • Gain a reward if you kill all members of the refugee group.
    • If a refugee has joined the colony before the betrayal offer, then you don't need to kill them. If a refugee joins afterwards, or is arrested and then recruited, then the quest fails.

Build Monument[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A noble, leader, or machine persona has requested you to create a specific mounument.

When accepting this quest:

  • You will immediately receive a monument marker through drop pod.
  • Once the monument marker is installed, you will have to build the monument around the specified timeframe. The marker can be moved if so desired.
  • Once the monument is built, then you will usually have to protect any part of the monument from being destroyed in X days. Otherwise, one of the two things can happen, depending on the quest:
    • Loss of goodwill with the faction, if any.
    • Any major threat other than a raid. These are specified by the quest when it is generated.
  • Putting any constructions in a completed monument will start a 24 hour timer, after which the monument will be considered destroyed. The monument may be used as a stockpile without issue.

You will get the reward when the monument is finished in the required timeframe, no matter what happens to it afterwards.


  • If you want to preserve the monument, then watch out for fire burning up wooden structures. Shuttles from shuttle quests also start the monument destruction timer.
  • You can take the quest solely for the major threat that appears. You can break the monument to unleash a pack of manhunting grizzly bears to disrupt an enemy siege, or to call in a sun blocker with a fluid ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC, in order to take advantage of the Combat in Darkness precept.

Title Inheritance[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC If a pawn with a noble title of yeoman and above dies, their designated heir will inherit their title. Their heir is randomly chosen, with extra weight given to the person's then-current spouse. If you want to change this title, you need to go to a comms console and request it.

This is exactly the same as the build monument quest, but the only reward is that the heir is changed. No threat rewards on failure, just goodwill loss.

Ferried Bandit Camp[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC An NPC noble wants you to take out a camp of bandits, and will ferry your soldiers there in a shuttle. Identical to a normal bandit camp barring the means of travel.

When accepting this quest:

  • A shuttle will arrive in your colony, requesting a specific amount of soldiers (no more, no less). The location is generally much too far away (~150+ world tiles) to be able to support the team with additional troops normally. Travel time takes only an in-game hour or so in either direction.
  • The soldiers will be fed en route, and are given a generous time limit (several days) to take out the bandit camp.
  • The bandits will typically begin attacking your team of soldiers within a few minutes of landing, even if your soldiers have not attacked them or gotten near them yet.

As soon as the enemies are "fleeing" (>50% of enemies downed or killed), you will be rewarded at your colony. Plus, the camp itself can generate with some loot. ​The same shuttle can ferry them back. Nota bene: If honor is chosen as a reward, only a pawn that participated in the attack can be given it.

Besides your initial team, the provided shuttle does not allow you to bring back any additional pawns, such as a downed enemy you may wish to capture. One of a good solution is to have the pawns carry enough material to make Pod launcher, Transport pod and have enough Chemfuel to fuel the pod as far enough as possible. If not, try and launch the pod with a few able colonist inside and bring them back to main base.

Forced Weather[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A noble of the empire, or a machine persona from space, is willing to cause a game condition on your colony for a few days.

When accepting this quest:

You will get the reward immediately upon accepting this quest.


  • Don't underestimate weather conditions. Forced rain will lower ranged accuracy and movement speed.
  • Forced fog will prevent the usual rain that appears when a fire gets too big. Wildfires can ravage the whole map, including your base.


Content added by the Royalty DLC A group is asking for you to house their pawns for a certain amount of time.

When accepting this quest:

  • A pawn or multiple pawns will arrive at your base through drop pod or shuttle. These can be animals, prisoners, or human visitors. You must keep them safe for the duration.
    • If the pawn is a visitor, then you may have to keep their mood above a certain threshold. If average mood is too low for too long, then the quest fails. The quest may also specify they appreciate quality accommodation; keeping average mood > 50% will increase goodwill. [How much?]
    • If a pawn is a noble, then you will need a bedroom suitable for their rank to accept the quest. You will also need another bedroom suitable for any of your own nobles.
    • The pawns may come with blood rot. Blood rot must be treated every day in order to be prevented. If it progresses to 1.00, the pawn dies. A tend quality of 40% or more is required to stop progression. Tends below 40% slow the disease; tends above 40% will reverse the progression of the disease.
    • The pawns may come with paralytic abasia. They will be unable to move.
  • There may be a specified major threat that arrives with the quest. This threat can arrive at any time during the hospitality stay.
    • If there is a major threat, you may come with soldiers under your control. They can die in battle without consequence and will have +12 On Duty moodlet. However, betraying them will lower goodwill as usual.

Pawn Lending[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A member of an outlander or empire faction is requesting a pawn from your colony.

  • A shuttle will arrive to pick up specified amount of colonists. The amount requested is dependent on your current colonist count. The pawn must be age 13 or older. Slaves do not count.
  • The shuttle will return in a specified amount of days. Colonists are usually safe, but if they had a pre-existing condition like the plague, then they can die. They will be fed and tended to.

You will get the reward when requested colonists have left the colony.

Rewarded Warfare[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A faction is asking you to fight a mutual enemy.

When accepting this quest:

  • A major threat will be triggered in your colony. This can be a manhunter pack, mechanoid cluster, or one or multiple raids.
    • If there are multiple raids in this quest, the listed raid will be the first raid. The other raids will have the same raid points, but not the same composition.
  • You may receive soldiers under your control. They can die in battle without consequence and will have +12 On Duty moodlet. However, betraying them will lower goodwill as usual. They will leave once the threat has been cleared.[All enemies, or the final wave?]
  • Soldier names like "janissary" or "cataphract" correspond to their respective raider types. A janissary will be wearing marine armor and come with a high-tech weapon, for instance.

For manhunters and raiders, you'll get the reward once all quest enemies are defeated or left the map. You do not need to actually kill any manhunters, for instance. For mech clusters, the reward appears after the "Mech cluster buildings have been defeated" message appears.

Shuttle Crash[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A shuttle of the empire has crashed and needs to land in your colony, along with the commander, their soldiers, and possible civilians. Raiders of a mutual enemy will come and attack the shuttle group.

When accepting this quest:

  • A crashed shuttle appears on the map. Landing site unaffected by ship landing beacons. The commander and civilians need to be saved. Soldiers do not need to be saved. Every person comes with biocoded weapons. This shuttle can be deconstructed for Plasteel 35, Steel 20, and Component 5, regardless of the outcome.
  • Raiders will come in ~ 4 hours from the shuttle crashing. Raiders have the intent to kill the empire's pawns.
  • The rescue shuttle will arrive within 8 hours of the shuttle crash. Downed people must be carried to the shuttle yourself.
  • −10 goodwill with the empire if the shuttle commander is killed, or otherwise misses the shuttle.
    • Another −10 goodwill if any amount of other occupants misses the shuttle.


  • The shuttle is worth a fair chunk of materials. This quest is often worth it for the shuttle alone.
  • The empire's weapons are all biocoded. The armor isn't, but stripping will penalize goodwill, and death acidifiers prevent post-mortem retrieval.
  • Against small raids, it is likely that the empire's fighters will be able to handle enemies on their own.

Condition Causer[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC A condition causer has been deployed within 10 tiles in order to harass your colony. As long as it stands, the condition will continue. This is a major threat and not a quest, but it appears in the quests tab.

When this quest appears:

  • The condition causer will appear, until it is destroyed.


  • If a mechanoid cluster is deployed, you don't actually have to wake the cluster up. Claim a door on the enclosed building, destroy the causer, and leave the map. Just avoid proximity activators on the way.
  • Some condition causers can be desirable.

Noble Ceremony[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC Your noble has enough honor for a new title. In order to accept this title, you must have a throne room suitable of their title. The map must be clear of the empire's enemies.

When accepting this quest:

  • A bestower and a squad of janissaries will arrive via shuttle.
  • If the bestower is downed via any means, then they'll drop 2 psylink neuroformers. However, downing will lower goodwill with the empire faction regardless of who did it.
  • Once the bestower has reached the throne room, select your noble pawn, right click the bestower, and the Bestowing Ceremony ritual will begin.

You will get the reward once the bestowing ceremony finishes, regardless of outcome.

The ceremony is considered a ritual and its outcome affects colonist mood. It can also grant extra honor based on ritual quality, regardless of outcome. Quality is determined by participant count and room impressiveness. You can get up to a maximum of 3 honor, at >90% quality.

Ritual Quality 0% 30% 60% 90%
Honor Gained 0 1 2 3


Ancient Complex[edit]

Content added by the Ideology DLC This quest reveals an abandoned ancient complex on the world map, ready to be explored and looted by your colonists. There is also a variant of the quest whereby a shuttle will be provided to take a specific number of colonists there. It takes off immediately once the correct number of colonists are inside, and usually lands at the edge of the map with the complex.

You can reform the caravan once all opened rooms have been cleared of enemies. If your colonists arrived by shuttle, you can send them back, but only when there are no threats within the map.

Ancient complexes are scaled to player wealth.[Determined when?]

The ancient complex is often littered with derelict structures and desiccated corpses with no information on how long they have been dead for and no decaying health.

Some rooms are mostly empty, while others contain enemies:

  • Room filled with insectoids.
  • Room filled with mechanoids.
  • Room filled with derelict ancient caskets. These will always contain hostile ancients in suspended animation.
  • Seemingly empty rooms that trigger an insectoid infestation incident upon entry.

The enemies may be dormant, waking upon entry or when crates or other special objects in the room are tampered with. As always, insectoids, mechanoids, and ancients are enemies and will try to kill each other on sight.

The rooms often contain one or more ancient unstable fuel nodes that explode and start large fires after a random delay once triggered.[How?]

You may run into Hermetic crates (contain any item, including techprints), Security crates (contain equipment), Ancient enemy terminals (call enemy faction) and Ancient comms consoles (call a drop beacon of loot from random places, with the chance of triggering a raid at the same time) in any of the rooms. All except the comms console have a Flammability of 0%[Verify], making them immune to the fires often started by the explosive fuel nodes.


Content added by the Ideology DLC Beggars have arrived in your colony, asking for goods. Beggars appear roughly once every 60 days.

When this quest appears:

  • Some beggars will appear on your map. They are always unaffiliated with any faction.
  • They will request a random material that you have, like silver, herbal medicine, or beer. They can request up to Silver 700 silver worth of items. Right click the beggar with the question marks to give them the items. If you don't' give the items, they will leave after ~1 day.
  • The beggars must leave the map healthy in order for the quest to complete. If a beggar is arrested or killed, you'll get the "Travelers Betrayed" notification. The group of beggars may then flee the map, become hostile, or remain in the colony with a negative mood modifier.

This quest gives no extrinsic reward, and betraying the beggars has no penalty. However, it interacts with the Charity precept.


  • Beggars can be arrested, and have very low base resistance (4-8 with low population). If you find a beggar with desirable characteristics, don't be hesitant to capture one.
  • After arresting one beggar, the rest will run and become unable to be arrested, but will fight back when attacked, unlike both prison breaks and fleeing raiders

Work Site[edit]

Content added by the Ideology DLC A work site has appeared near your colony, potentially owned by another faction. You can raid it for resources. Note that this is a world map event and not a proper quest.

When this quest appears:

  • An event space will appear near your colony. It will contain resources stated by the camp, further resources, and the enemies on the map.
  • The site can be owned by a Neutral, Allied, Hostile, or 'minor' faction. Work Sites owned by minor factions can be attacked without diplomatic consequences.

The reward is the items on the map. Also counts as a raid for the Raiding precept.

Relic Hunt[edit]

Content added by the Ideology DLC This quest is a unique main quest, which requires you to do 5 sub-quests by hacking into terminals during said quests. You must first accept the main quests, and then sub-quests will appear over time. After completing enough sub-quests, the relic's location will appear, guarded by hostile mechanoids.

The Villagers[edit]

 You've learned of an ancient terminal that contains information about the <RELIC NAME>. However, the terminal is surrounded by a tribal village, and the locals venerate it. They aren't part of any major faction.

This sub-quest requires you to send your colonist to the tribe's base. The tribe are initially neutral towards you, but any harm befalling them, attempting to hack the interface or staying for 10 hours or more will immediately render them hostile and attack your colonist.

Dispatch the faction and get a colonist to hack the terminal to conclude the mission. Be wary that tarrying too long in the base (2 hours) will cause a lot of tribal members from said faction to appear.

Cryptodrone Intel Hack[edit]

 You've detected an orbiting spacedrone that may contain information about <RELIC NAME>. You have the code that will force it to land at <COLONY NAME>. 

This sub-quest will force a cryptodrone space ship to land, usually far away from the main base. Send a colonist to try and hack the drone whilst setting up a defense perimeter. A selected hostile (usually permanently hostile) faction will arrive 10 hours after the crypto drone lands, and every 8 hours after that in an attempt to destroy the drone, with half of them aiming after any nearby colonist, whereas the other half attacks the drone.

Upon successfully hacking the cryptodrone, the quest concludes, but the drone will initiate a self-destruct sequence within 30 seconds after its hacked, after which it will explode.

Remarkably, it is possible to finish hacking the drone before the first raid arrives, if this is done while the drone has not self-destructed yet, they will spawn, but leave as soon as the drone self-destructs. In order to hack the drone in time, you need a pawn with 300% hacking speed, which is achievable by a level 20 intellectual pawn with the neurotic trait on a work frenzy. If the opposing faction's goodwill was raised to neutral before accepting the quest, then no raid will happen at all, despite the game's upcoming raid timer.

Ancient Complex[edit]

 You've learned of an ancient complex nearby. It is said to contain information about <RELIC NAME>.  - Self-travel description
 <PAWN NAME>, <PAWN TYPE> of <FACTION NAME>, has discovered an ancient complex a long distance away. He/She believes it contains information about the relic known as <RELIC NAME>.  - Shuttle-travel description

This sub-quest requires you to send your colonist to an abandoned ancient complex map. In terms of enemies and other challenges, it's similar to a regular Ancient Complex quest. To conclude the sub-quest, hack all the ancient terminals within the map.

The effects of starting or finishing a terminal hack can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes it triggers a fuel node explosion in a completely different room, and sometimes it doesn't even wake up the mechanoids sleeping right next to the terminal.

The terminals have a flammability of 0%, making them immune to the fires often started by unstable fuel node explosions.

Relic Retrieval[edit]

Once you have completed 5 subquests, the location will appear. It will be defended by mechanoids, who will wake up in 3 days.

The relic will be inside a reliquary. It takes 5 seconds to get the relic, in which case any mechanoid defenders will be alarmed.


Content added by the Ideology DLC Once a relic has been acquired, Pilgrims will come on occasion. They will stay for a few hours

They may offer gifts or join your colony, similar to the refugees quest


Ancient Transport[edit]

 You have decrypted an ancient transponder, revealing the location of a mechanoid ship in orbit. The ship is badly damaged but you can signal it to land nearby. The ship contains the remains of a long-dead mechanitor. Mechanitor can create and control mechanoids for work and combat. By extracting the deceased mechanitor's mechlink, you can turn one of your colonist into a mechinator. Beware - the ship also contains hostile mechanoids. The mechanoid group is composed of: (Mechanoid list, usually 1 Tesseron or Militor) 

Content added by the Biotech DLC This quest appears after destroying an ancient exostrider midsection, and using its ancient transponder. You can then choose to accept the quest at your leisure.

When accepting this quest:

The reward is the mechanitor corpse that the ship drops. You can extract the mechlink from this corpse, allowing one of your colonists to become a mechanitor themselves.

Having "Disable exostrider remains" as part of the scenario will prevent this quest from appearing, due to the absence of the exostrider midsection. This is intended as part of The Mechanitor scenario.

Ancient Mechanitor Complex[edit]

 You've learned of an ancient complex nearby that contains the remains of a long-dead mechanitor. Mechanitor can create, control and manipulate mechanoids for work and combat. If you can break into the complex and collect the mechanitor's corpse, you can extract their mechlink and turn one of your colonists into a mechanitor. Be warned - these kinds of structures contains a variety of threats, and your activity at the complex might draw unwanted attention. 

Content added by the Biotech DLC Similarly to ancient complex quest, the mechanitor complex consists of similar items you normally found inside an ancient complex. The key difference is one of the desiccated corpses is a mechanitor with a mechlink currently in its corpses, which can be extracted for its mechlink.

This is the primary method of obtaining more than one mechanitor in a single playthrough.

Bloodthirsty Parley[edit]

 A sanguophage named <PAWN NAME> is looking for a safe place to meet with 3 other sanguophages where they won't be tracked. Their leader <PAWN NAME> is asking for you to host the meeting at <COLONY NAME>. If you accept, 4 sanguophages will arrive at <COLONY NAME> from different directions. They will spend several hours discussing their secret issues before departing. They promise to give you reward before they leave. You may betray the sanguophages and attack them. Downed sanguophages can be forced to turn one of your colonist into a sanguophage. 

Content added by the Biotech DLC Sanguophages are looking to congregate at your colony. As a sanguophage quest, it will not appear until at least 1 year from colony start, and will have a 3 year cooldown between appearances.

When accepting this quest:

  • Up to 4 sanguophages will arrive inside your colony, arriving in different directions where pathing isn't blocked (i.e. not mountain).
  • They will reach a set location inside your base, and place a blood torch. After several hours they will leave. Sanguophages may choose to join your colony on their own volition.
  • The sanguophages may be attacked by a raid. If any sanguophages are downed by the raiders, then the quest will fail.

The first reward will always be "Gene implantation"; the requested pawn can turn a colonist of your choice into a sanguophage. Be wary, they will not tarry for long and will leave 7 hours after meeting if you do not volunteer a colonist for it.

Sanguophages, unless you have picked the aforementioned gene option, will always start with the Genes Extracted hediff. If a sanguophage is downed, you can force them to give their genome, but this kills the original sanguophage in the process. If the gene implantation reward is picked, only the rewarder sanguophage will not have this status. In addition, any colonists that accepts a gene implantation will get Gene Extracted for ~1.2 years.

Sanguophage Transport[edit]

 You have intercepted a distress signal! A hostile shuttle carrying a sanguophage master and a number of thralls is having trouble with its engines. You can use the signals to draw it down to a crash near <COLONY NAME>. Once the ship has crashed, you can fight the sanguophage and his/her minions. If you can capture the master, you can force him/her to turn one of your colonist into a sanguophage. 

Content added by the Biotech DLC This quest will force a shuttle to crash on your colony, forcing a pawn with the sanguophage xenotype and a number of mortal thrall pawns to exit the crashed colony. As a sanguophage quest, it will not appear until at least 1 year from colony start, and will have a 3 year cooldown between appearances.

When accepting this quest:

  • A shuttle lands. After a while, the sanguophage will attack.
  • During or after the attack, thrall reinforcements may appear via drop pod. They can land inside your base.

The reward is the downed sanguophage, assuming their brain isn't destroyed. You can force a downed sanguophage to give a gene implantation. This allows you to turn one of your colonists into a sanguophage. You can also use them for other human resources.

If Ideology is enabled, an ideoligion with "Cannibal" as their main meme will be created which will be set on all pawns that exits the shuttle.

Wastepack Dumping[edit]

 <PAWN NAME>, <PAWN TYPE> of <FACTION NAME> has a special request. Someone has dumped an abundance of toxic wastepacks near one of his/her settlements and he/she is unable to safely store them. If you accept, <PAWN NAME> will deliver <NUMBER> toxic wastepack by transport pod. If not kept frozen, toxic wastepacks will dissolve over time, polluting nearby terrain. 

Content added by the Biotech DLC A faction is asking permission to dump toxic waste into your colony.

When accepting this quest:

The reward is given as soon as the wastepacks land. You can choose to store the wastepacks, send them somewhere else, or live with some pollution in your colony.


Mysterious Cargo[edit]

Content added by the Anomaly DLC A faction is asking permission to dump a dangerous item onto your map.

When accepting this quest, one of three items will be dropped:

The reward is given as soon as the mysterious cargo lands.

If left uncontained, the spine will regenerate into a revenant. The spine can be carried to a holding platform to reform and resurrect the revenant in a containment cell.

When the golden cube lands, one (randomly chosen) pawn will develop a cube addiction.

Distress Signal[edit]

Content added by the Anomaly DLC You've intercepted a distress signal from a nearby camp of a faction.

Upon reaching the camp, you will find it overrun with Fingerspike, Toughspike, and Trispike. Members of the calling faction are usually dead, but may be alive.[Chance unknown.] The map will be covered in fleshmass, with fleshsacks and fleshbulbs as well.


There are 4 distinct ways to see the credits screen:

Ship to the Stars[edit]

The A.I Charlon Whitestone has contacted you. If you can reach the journey offer and activate the ship, you can escape this hellish planet. The Ship to the Stars quest is functionally the same as constructing your own ship. This journey offer just gives you a way to leave the planet, without having to research and gather resources for that ship.

This quest appears roughly 20 days from game start.


  • Travel to the journey offer. The journey offer will try to spawn as far away from you as possible. This means that this quest is much easier with 30% map coverage than with 100% coverage. Even in a 30% world, it can take months or years to reach the event destination.
  • Prepare defenses and activate the ship reactor, which takes 15 days. During this time, you will be assaulted by countless raids - anywhere from 15 to 25 in total. This is completely independent from, and in addition to, your storyteller, who will send their own raids on their normal schedule. This means that you should expect a minimum of 1 raid per day, often multiple.

Each colonist or animal requires their own ship cryptosleep casket to leave the planet, which may be desired on a personal level. The journey offer ship has space for 18 colonists.

Failure conditions:

  • Destruction of any vital ship part. If you have the ability to create ship parts, then you can potentially repair the ship. However, if the ship reactor is destroyed, then you will need to start the 15 day activation process again.
  • Doing The Archonexus chain of quests. Accepting the first part of the archonexus quest will invalidate the journey offer ("the ship will fly away as you're settling the new colony")

For tips on traveling to the journey offer and defending Whitestone's ship, see Endings.

After the ship reactor has activated, all you have to do is load your colonists and escape the planet.

Royal Ascent[edit]

Content added by the Royalty DLC The High Stellarch of the empire is willing to perform a customary visit to any noble of the Count rank or higher. If all goes well, then your colonists can leave to space via shuttle.

This quest will appear roughly 35 days from colony start.


  • Have a colonist of Count rank and not be hostile to the empire faction.
  • Have a spare bedroom suitable for a stellarch at the time of acceptance (see Titles#Table of Requirements). Your count must also have a suitable bedroom.
  • House the High Stellarch for 12 days, a controllable guest. You can't just use a cryptosleep casket to preserve the stellarch until the end.
  • Like the ship launch, you will be assaulted by a massive quantity of raiders during the 12 days.
  • The High Stellarch must be kept above 25% average mood for the duration of his stay.

You will also receive 4 cataphract-level soldiers (Stellic Wardens or Defenders). These soldiers can die without consequence. Like any other soldier guest, they will have the +12 On Duty moodlet. However, some of them will be conceited nobles. This includes the ability to use psycasts.

Failure conditions:

  • High Stellarch dies.
  • High Stellarch mood is too low for too long.
  • The empire faction becomes hostile to you.

Your count/countess does not have to stay alive in order succeed the quest.

The Royal Ascent quest will be offered again periodically if it is failed. It takes roughly 22 days from failure to get this quest again. This quest technically fails if you abandon the colony it asks for, but it will refire again.

If you've completed this quest, then a shuttle will come pick up the stellarch and your colonists into the imperial ranks. Note that while the shuttle UI has a limit of 1000kg, you can fit as many colonists as you want by selecting the colonist and right clicking "Get into shuttle".

The Archonexus[edit]

Content added by the Ideology DLC The archonexus core is waiting to be found. Gather 3 map fragments - each fragment given in exchange for your entire colony - and you can go activate it.

This quest first appears once you reach $150,000 colony wealth.

Part 1:

 A group of wild people/<FACTION NAME> are/is looking to expand their territory, and are interested in taking over <COLONY NAME> with all its wealth. If you can increase your total wealth to $350000, they will take the settlement. In trade, they offer you part of a map showing the location of an ancient archotech nexus.  - Part 1 Description 

In order to accept this quest, you must have a colony wealth of $350,000 (in a single colony). If there is a valid alliable faction on the map, you must be allied with one in order to proceed.

When accepting this part of the quest:

  • All progress will be reset. Research will be reset to industrial levels. Any colonies you had will be procured by the faction in question.
  • You will start a new colony, anywhere on the map.
    • You can bring 5 colonists, 5 animals, 1 relic, and 7 stacks of items. You can bring different amounts of different items; the list can be seen at List of items. In addition, you will start with supplies from your scenario. Food, equipment, but not building materials from scenario are given.
  • Whitestone's ship for the Ship to the Stars quest will fly away, failing the actual quest. You can still build your own ship, if so desired.

No time passes during the travel to the new location. Pregnant animals will have the same stage of pregnancy on arrival. Growing season at the destination might affect the player's timing for accepting the quest.

Once your colonists have landed in their new colony, the major archotech structure be present in the center of the map. It must be studied in order to continue.

Part 2:

 The map to the archonexus has three parts, and you hold one of them. <FACTION A NAME> and <FACTION B NAME> also each hold parts of the map. They'll trade their parts to you for a wealthy new colony and all of its recorded research. The next map part is encoded in a very strange way. In order to interpret it, you must first learn more about archotechnology by studying the structure here.  - Part 2 Description 

Like with the first part of this quest, you must have another colony at $350,000 wealth, be allied with a specific faction (if present). You must also study the major archotech structure.

When accepting this part of the quest:

  • All progress will be reset. Research will be reset to industrial levels. Any colonies you had will be procured by the faction in question.
  • You will start a new colony, anywhere on the map. Same items as last time.

On the third colony (2nd restart), you will have a grand archotech structure instead of a major archotech structure. This is functionally the same building, but you'll need to spend more time studying it.

Part 3:

 You have two parts of the archonexus map. <FACTION B NAME> have the last piece of the map, passed down from the time their ancestors survived the cataclysm. They'll give it to you if you give them a wealthy new colony in exchange. As before, the map part is encoded. In order to decode it, you must first study the archotech structure.  - Part 3 Description

Like with the other parts of this quest, you must have another colony at $350,000 wealth, be allied with a specific faction (if present). You must also study the grand archotech structure.

Unlike the other parts of this quest, you don't need to restart the colony for a 3rd time. In order to activate the archonexus core, you will need a total of 3 colonies at $350,000 wealth and need to reset 2 times.

When accepting this part of the quest:

  • Progress will not be reset. You must travel to the archonexus core, as indicated on the world map.
  • Once you have reached the archonexus core, all you have to do is activate it. There will be hostile mechanoids, but these can be ignored.

Once activating the core, the game will end, permanently. You are unable to continue with colonists left behind, unlike the other endings. (However you can reload a previous save, if desired).

Anomaly Monolith[edit]

Content added by the Anomaly DLC You've activated the monolith. It is a conduit for psychic energy, just barely cracked open now.

Entity Codex:

The quest starts upon activation of the monolith, the study of which is progressed by observing the different entities. Once a certain number of entities have been discovered, the monolith may be upgraded.

Activated Monolith/Void Onslaught.:

When the monolith fully activates, the map will settle into eternal darkness and hordes of Entities will come to attack your colony.


A node will form above the monolith, and a colonist may be sent in to either disrupt the link or embrace the void.

  • If the colonist accepts the void, They will gain the Void Touched and Inhumanization hediffs, as well as the abilities of Void Terror and Death Refusal.
  • If the colonist disrupts the link, all (Non-permanently hostile) factions will gain 50 goodwill and void related incidents will return to pre-monolith levels
  • Both endings will cause the monolith to crumble, and kill all entities on the map.

Version history[edit]

  • 0.18.1722 - New world site components, Used in various situations:Sleeping mechanoids, Animal ambush, Enemy ambush.
  • Beta 19/1.0 - World quests now appear about 2.5x more often and start from 6 days instead of 15 days. Rewards generation totally reworked to more consistently generate valuable, unique, and interesting rewards. Trade requests will give more time and much richer rewards, especially for poor colonies. Increase the time limit by 50% for all time limited world quests.
  • 1.1.0 - Quest tab with information about available, active, and historical quests added.
  • 1.1.2563 - Royal Ascent quest no longer fails when Stellarch dies of old age. Hunting Decrees no longer ask to kill quest-related animals. If a lent colonist dies, the player is now notified, and the colonist's corpse is dropped via drop pod.
  • 1.1.2654 - Fix: Lodgers with blood rot and abasia spawn with equipment that immediately gets dropped.
  • 1.2.2719 - Shuttle defense, Refugee hospitality, and Bandit camp quests added.
  • 1.2.2753 - Trade requests will no longer request patchleather.
  • 1.3.3066 - Betraying temporary colonists, such as for the Refugee Hospitality quest, now display a timer. Before this it was possible to see if they would betray or not based on the presence of the timer.
  • 1.3.3074 - Fix: ProblemCauser quest can fire with mech cluster even if mechanoids disabled.
  • 1.3.3287 - Improve some charity quest-related message texts.
  • 1.4.3523 - Beggar quest asks for max 700 market value items.
  • 1.4.3525 - Adjust some quest text to be a bit less dark.
  • 1.4.3542 - Fix: Quest lodgers can do the "give up and exit" mental break.
  • 1.4.3555 - Reduced the frequency of sanguophage-related quests. Increased frequency of genepacks in quest rewards.
  • 1.4.3558 - Updated the reward frequency for various items. Add flatscreen TV, telescope, gladius, and recurve bow as quest rewards. Remove revolver, double bed, and slab bed. Increased the weights for for high and mid frequency quest rewards. Reduce the weighting for empire-specific category rewards.