Archonexus core

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Archonexus core

Archonexus core

The central core of an archonexus. Its broad surfaces are perfectly clean, and they somehow appear both flat and curved at the same time.
To most, its purpose seems unknowable. However, some say this is part of an archotech itself, and that the one who finds it can invoke the power of the machine god.
The psychic power it emanates is terrifyingly loud and complex, yet dead silent. It is heard without ears, felt without skin, seen without eyes, known without memory. It is the thoughts of a being from another plane of existence. The perceptions are reflected directly into any human mind who ventures too close, and few can hold onto their humanity for long under such mental pressure. Only the psychically-deaf are immune.

Base Stats



11 × 11

The archonexus core is a structure added by the Ideology DLC. It acts as the final site for endquest The Archonexus.

It is one of a number of archotech structures alongside the archotech tower, major archotech structure, and grand archotech structure.


Activating the archonexus core will trigger the Archonexus ending, permanently ending your game. You are unable to continue with colonists left behind. However, you can load a previous save, if available. You do not need to kill the mechanoids around the core in order to activate it.

Every 6,000 ticks (1.67 mins) it emits a pulse that damages and kills any plants (Excluding Anima trees) by 10 HP within 32 tile radius. It also frequently spawns anima trees and grass in a ring around itself.

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