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The ship, once fully assembled, will allow the colonists to escape the planet and win the game.

A working ship must include 1 of each ship part and at least 3 engines. The absolute minimum amount of supplies needed to create a fully functional ship is as follows:

  • Steel 1740
  • Plasteel 740
  • Uranium 294
  • Advanced component 42
  • Component 12
  • Gold 74
  • Persona core 1

More may be used to allow for more than one colonist to escape or for aesthetic reasons. Overall, the advanced components are the hardest material to gather enough to make a ship. In order to accelerate the production of those, you will probably want multiple skilled crafters and multiple fabrication benches.

ShipBeam.png ShipCryptosleepCasket.png Ship computer core.png ShipReactor.png ShipEngine.png Sensor cluster.png
Ship structural beam Ship cryptosleep casket Ship computer core Ship reactor Ship engine Sensor cluster

All ship parts must not be built under a roof and must be connected. Additionally, the "head" end of each cryptosleep casket must be placed adjacent to a structural beam. Only one occupied cryptosleep ship casket is necessary for launch, but each colonist or animal you wish to evacuate must have their own casket. Currently, animals have to be carried to caskets while downed. The easiest way to do it is to apply anesthesia on them.

The ships launch readiness can be displayed by selecting any ship part and clicking 'Show launch report'. It will either list deficiencies or display 'Ready for launch'.

The ship needs 3 things to launch:

  • Have all parts built and connected.
  • Have the ship reactor started.
  • Have at least one ship cryptosleep casket full.

To get the ship reactor started click on the ship reactor and click on 'Start ship', it takes 15 days to charge up and will attract raiders so you should be prepared for a season of intense combat. After the time period has been completed and your colonists are inside the cryptosleep caskets, you may launch the ship by selecting the ship computer core and click 'Launch ship'.

Colony-made ship, with space for 25 colonists.
Journey offer event ship, with space for 18 colonists.
  • Tip: It is , however , possible to activate the ship engine without the rest of the ship built. So the best way to complete the ship quest is first build the ship reactor and wall it in ,then activate it when you are ready. After the 15 days, if you survive , you can start to gather all the resources and build the ship.