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Colonists can build the following security structures to help protect the colony from harm:

Sandbags Barricade Mortar Spike trap Mini-turret Uranium slug turret
Autocannon turret Foam turret Rocketswarm launcher IED trap IED incendiary trap IED EMP trap
IED firefoam trap IED smoke trap IED antigrain warhead trap IED tox trap IED deadlife trap

Security constructions[edit]

A security construction is a building your colonists can build that helps protect your colony.

Types of security structures:

  • Cover - Barricades and sandbags both provide good cover, excellent for defensive firing positions. Largely interchangable except for crafting recipes, with barricades using wood, stone and metals and sandbags using textiles. See below for summary, or either barricades or sandbags for material comparisons.
  • Turrets - Several types of totally autonomous weapons with different optimum ranges. Best when placed to cover common entry points, but requires power and occasional rearming.
  • Mortar - Long-range and very damaging manned turret but requires ammunition and replacement barrels, have long warmup and cooldown times, and are highly inaccurate. Also has a variety of ammunition types for different effects. See mortar for details.
  • Traps - Single use, passive structures that inflict a one-time injury. Colonists and friendlies will try to avoid them, and some enemies are smart enough to avoid them. Friendlies have a 0.4% chance of triggering traps. They are categorized into two types:
    • Spike trap - a simple single-target damage source. See spike trap for material comparisons.
    • IEDs - made from mortar shells, they explode in a radius for an effect dependent on their type. See below for summary.


Note that these values are the base values - all stats will be affected by material choices. See either barricades or sandbags for material comparisons.

Name HP base Cover Beauty Work to Make Flammable Material Cost
Barricade 300 55% -3 320 100%
Material dependent
Stuff 5
Sandbags 300 55% -10 180 0% Stuff 5



Spike traps deal 100 Sharp damage to a single, modified by the material's Melee Sharp Damage multiplier. See spike trap for material comparisons.

Name Damage Type Radius Notes
IED trap 50 Bomb 4 -
IED incendiary trap 10 Flame 4 Ignites pawns and surroundings causing further damage
IED EMP trap 50 EMP 11 Does no actual HP damage, stuns mechanoids and some structures
IED firefoam trap - Firefoam 10 Does no damage, puts out and prevents fires
IED smoke trap - Smoke 8.6 Does no damage, only deploys smoke.
IED antigrain warhead trap 550 BombSuper 15 Antigrain warheads are not craftable