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Firefoam is a flame-retardant foam that extinguishes fire on contact and prevents fire from spreading on tiles it covers. It also gives the Covered in firefoam status to pawns standing inside, reducing Flammability to 0%. This status lasts for 900 ticks (15 secs) after being applied, if applied again, the timer resets to 15 seconds and doesn't stack.

Firefoam is considered filth, creating a significant beauty and cleanliness penalty. Colonists will automatically clean firefoam in the home area, and it will be washed away with rain or snow.

The following release firefoam:

Firefoam is generally released in an explosion. This explosion does no damage. The explosion will put out pawns and animals that are on fire, though the foam coating the ground does not actually extinguish fires.


Firefoam can be left in place long term as a defense against inferno cannon and other incendiary weapons. To do so the area must be roofed and be removed from the home zone to prevent pawns cleaning it.


  • To create firefoam in development mode, use the "T: Explosion" command and select extinguisher.

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