IED trap

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IED trap

IED trap

A pair of high-explosive shells connected to a touch-activated trigger. Since it is hidden in the surrounding terrain, it cannot be placed adjacent to other traps. Animals can sense these when calm.

Base Stats

Market Value
115 Silver.png [Note]
1 ˣ 1


Skill Required
Construction 3
Work To Make
1,400 ticks (23.33 secs)
Resources to make
High-explosive shell.png 2
Deconstruct yield
Shell 1

The IED trap explodes in a 3.9-tile radius 0.25 seconds after an enemy had walked over it, dealing 50 explosive blunt damage, having a fair chance to incapacitate and a small chance to kill a pawn. When tripped, it will start emitting a hissing sound hinting enemies to run away and because of the delay, single placings may prove useless but chained each other within blast radius can guarantee effectiveness at an expensive cost.

Inadvisable to place in the open as manhunting animals could trigger it. Colonists, friendlies and sane animals are aware of placed traps and will walk around them, but only if another short route is available. Pawns will not be able to avoid traps placed in a long continuous line, or in choke points like a narrow hallway. A trap is less likely to be triggered by a colonist or friendly (0.4% chance).

Placement requires some forethought by guessing positions where the enemies will be stuck for a couple of seconds such as cover spots (rocks or walls) and choke points on the side where enemies would take cover when engaging your colonists. Example: an IED trap surrounded by a tile or two of sandbags will explode while victims are still close due to the reduced movement speed to walk out over them.

Version History

  • 0.11.877 - Added.
  • 1.1.0 - IEDs explode when bullets hit them. This allows the player to purposefully shoot them to set them off.