IED incendiary trap

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IED incendiary trap

IED incendiary trap.png

Explosives mixed into an incendiary paste with a chemical trigger for dispersal. When someone disturbs the chemical trigger, it ignites burning fuel sprays. Since it doesn't need to detonate high explosives, the chemical trigger is simpler and more reliable than some others.

1 ˣ 1
Chemfuel 25 Component 1
Chemfuel 25 Component 1

The IED Incendiary Trap detonates fire to a 5x5 area around it instantly when an enemy walks over (IED traps have delay), making it reliable for catching and disrupting fast enemies. However, it only deals 10 burn damage to any body part, plus burn damage by flames amounting to 16 - 25 damage (IED traps deal 50 dmg). Colonists and friendlies are aware of placed traps and will walk around them, but only if another short route is available. Pawns will not be able to avoid traps placed in a long continuous line, or in choke points like a narrow hallway. A trap is less likely to be triggered by a colonist or friendly (0.4% chance).

It's main benefit is that it can set objects and raiders on fire. Those burning will attempt to put their fire out by running around carelessly exposing themselves and will not be able to fight back, and very useful against shielded enemies since the flames can penetrate shield belts.

Useful against infestations by creating an automatic temperature trap to cook insectoids alive.