IED antigrain warhead trap

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IED antigrain warhead trap

IED antigrain warhead trap

An antimatter-powered antigrain warhead connected to a trigger which detonates on touch or bullet impact. Since it is hidden in the surrounding terrain, it cannot be placed adjacent to other traps. Animals can sense these when calm.

Base Stats

Market Value
1205 Silver [Note]
2 kg


1 ˣ 1
Terrain Affordance


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 3
Work To Make
1,400 ticks (23.33 secs)
Resources to make
Antigrain warhead 1
Destroy yield

The IED antigrain warhead trap is Security building that explodes when stepped on, detonating in a massive explosion powerful enough to instantly kill all enemies in-game except for the Thrumbo, Centipede, and shield belt-wearing enemies.


IED antigrain warhead traps can be constructed once the IEDs project has been researched. Each trap requires Antigrain warhead 1 Antigrain warhead, 1,400 ticks (23.33 secs) of work and a Construction skill of 3.


IEDs are single use traps that may be triggered when a pawn of any kind walks over it. The base trigger chance is 100% for enemies, including manhunter animals. Non-manhunting wild animals have a 25% chance to trigger the trap but are aware of the location of traps and will avoid pathing over them if reasonably possible. Colonists, friends, and tame animals have 0.4% (one in 250) to trigger the IED, but are also aware of the location of traps and will avoid pathing over them if reasonably possible. In all instances, the nimble trait multiplies the trigger chance for that pawn by 10%, that is, a 10% chance for enemies and 0.04% chance for friendly pawns.

When triggered, the IED will spark and emit a hissing sound shortly before exploding a 15 ticks (0.25 secs) later, dealing "Bomb Super" damage in a 15 tile radius of itself, dealing 550 damage at the center and 110 damage at the extreme edge of the radius and linearly interpolated in between, and setting fires to roughly 22% of the affected tiles. Nearby non-drafted pawns, colonist and NPC alike, will attempt to clear the blast radius once the spark starts however the short wick time and large radius make success unlikely.

Additionally, when damaged to below 20% of the maximum HP or[Fact Check] when hit be a projectile dealing the Bullet, Arrow, or ArrowHighVelocity damage type, the same triggering process will begin.


Unlike high explosive shells, antigrain warheads have sufficient explosive radius to more than make up for the inherent inaccuracy of mortars. This makes their IED counterpart a questionable value proposition - what targets can the IED reliably hit that mortar cannot hit with less work and more flexibility? The main advantage is that IEDs require only the IED research project costing 500 research with only Electricity as a prerequisite, while mortars require the Mortars research which has Gunsmithing, Machining, Smithing, and Electricity as prerequisites. That means that should antigrain warheads be acquired before the research is completed, IEDs may offer a way to utilize the shells with minimal additional research. That said, Siege raids are typically common by the time warheads can be acquired, and the mortars from those raids can be looted. This significantly decreases this utility of IEDs in many cases.

It can be extremely useful against crashed ship parts, being able to one-shot scythers and lancers, and leave centipedes heavily damaged. Manually trigger the ship part, then guide the mechanoids onto the shell.

Version history

  • 1.1.0 - IEDs explode when bullets hit them. This allows the player to purposefully shoot them to set them off.
  •  ? - texture updated. Before 1.3.3159 and presumably sometime after 1.0.2096 to correspond with antigrain warhead texture change.