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Power is a representation of electricity, required to power a wide variety of appliances and buildings.


Power is measured in the form of Watts (W). Power generators create watts, and appliances will consume a certain amount of watts to function. Most appliances will use power even when not actively being used - they must be manually switched off. Power only exists within a power grid and requires something to transport it. Any power that isn't used or stored is wasted.

Power is stored in the form of Watt-days (Wd), where 1 Watt-day can power a 1 W appliance for 24 hours. Each battery can store up to 600 Wd, but only store at 50% efficiency. This means that, for the purposes of storing, 1 W for 24 hours would only give 0.5 Wd inside a battery.

Power travels through power conduits and power switches, though batteries can also transport it. Most buildings can be "plugged in" from up to 6 tiles away from a conduit, generator, or battery, so they don't need to be directly adjacent. (However, power generators need to be directly adjacent to conduit or equivalent. Power generators also count as conduits for transport purposes.)

Power conduits can randomly short circuit when connected to a grid. Many electric appliances also short circuit while in rain.

Mechanoid power[edit]

Enemy mechanoids - that is, all mechanoids without any DLC - do not require any source of power. However, your allied mechanoids do. When controlled by a colony, an active mechanoid's power need falls by 10% per day. Non-working mechs lose 3% power per day. They can enter a dormant self-charging state, which instead restores 1% power per day for free. Mechanoids in a caravan do not consume or gain any power.

A mechanoid's power need does not directly translate to electrical power. However, mech rechargers require a constant 200 W, large mech rechargers require 400 W, and both chargers restore 50% of any mechanoid's power per day. When recharging, mechanoids create Toxic wastepacks, which can lead to pollution.

Power generators[edit]

Type Cost Fuel
(per day)
Size Base Output
Day Night Placement Market Value
Solar generator Steel 100 + Component 3 Ex.png 4 ˣ 4 1,700 106.25 Check.png Check.png Ex.png In sunlight 295
Wind turbine Steel 100 + Component 2 Ex.png 7 ˣ 2 2,300 164.29 Check.png Check.png Check.png In open ground 265
Watermill generator Wood 280 + Steel 80 + Component 3 Ex.png 5 ˣ 6 1,100 36.6 Ex.png Check.png Check.png On riverbanks 600
Chemfuel powered generator Steel 100 + Component 3 Chemfuel 4.5 2 ˣ 2 1,000 250 Ex.png Check.png Check.png Anywhere 295
Wood-fired generator Steel 100 + Component 2 Wood 22 2 ˣ 2 1,000 250 Ex.png Check.png Check.png Anywhere 265
Geothermal generator Steel 340 + Component 8 Ex.png 6 ˣ 6 3,600 100 Ex.png Check.png Check.png On geysers 945
Ship reactor Steel 350 + Plasteel 280 + Uranium 70 + Advanced component 8 Ex.png 6 ˣ 7 1,000 23.8 Ex.png Check.png Check.png Outside
(can roof over afterwards)
Vanometric power cell N/A Ex.png 1 ˣ 2 1,000 500 Ex.png Check.png Check.png Anywhere 1200
Unstable power cellContent added by the Royalty DLC N/A Ex.png 1 ˣ 1 400 400 Ex.png Check.png Check.png Anywhere 400
Toxifier generatorContent added by the Biotech DLC Steel 125 + Component 3 Ex.png 2 ˣ 2 1,400 350 Ex.png Check.png Check.png Anywhere 360


Appliances are structures or buildings that require power but don't transmit it. Most appliances can connect automatically if placed up to six squares away from a conduit, generator or battery.

When placing an appliance's blueprint, the most direct connection point to a power transmitting structure will be displayed as a golden yellow connection between the current blueprint position and the power. Note that it will display a connection even if the grid it attaches too does not sufficient or any power, and that while an appliance will default to that connection point it will be able to connect to other sources with range using the reconnect gizmo mentioned below. If no yellow wire is shown, there is no connection point in range.

Once constructed, this connection will be displayed by a black "power cord" that runs from the connecting power transmitting building to the appliance in question. This cord is graphical only and cannot be interacted with or damaged in any way. Additionally, when viewing the power grid, a magenta wire similar to the yellow above will display the connection point of appliances in view.

When connected to the power grid, it can take a few moments before an appliance turns on.

Managing appliances[edit]

Reconnect: Click to force an appliance to reconnect to a conduit line or power source. This can also be used to change which power source an appliance is connected to if there is more than one in range.
Designate toggle power: Click to mark an appliance to be turned on () or off (X) by a colonist set to Basic.

Toggle ON Toggle OFF
Designate toggle power

Appliances summary[edit]

Appliance Power
consumption (in Watts)
Autodoor 50
Electric tailor bench 120
Electric smithy 210
Machining table 350
Electric smelter 700
Electric crematorium 250
Hi-tech research bench 250
Multi-analyzer 200
Fabrication bench 250
Nutrient paste dispenser 200
Standing lamp 75
Sun lamp 2900 during day only
Hydroponics basin 70
Biofuel refinery 170
Infinite chemreactor 300
Vitals monitor 80
Comms console 200
Ground-penetrating scanner 700
Long-range mineral scanner 700
Electric stove 350
Heater 175
Cooler 200
Mini-turret 80
Tube television 200
Flatscreen television 330
Megascreen television 450

Version history[edit]

  • 0.0.245 - Electrical devices now short-circuit and cause fires if left out in the rain while running.