Large mech recharger

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Large mech recharger

Large mech recharger

Medium, heavy, and ultraheavy mechanoids can recharge here. During recharge, this recharger produces toxic wastepacks and stores them internally. Haulers must remove the wastepacks from time to time.

Base Stats

BuildingBiotech (Buildings)
Market Value
570 Silver [Note]
25 kg


3 × 2
-400 W


Required Research
Standard mechtech
Skill Required
Construction 5
Work To Make
8,000 ticks (2.22 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 250 + Component 2
Deconstruct yield
Steel 125 + Component 1
Destroy yield
Steel 62 - 63 + Component 0 - 1

Large mech rechargers are buildings added by the Biotech DLC that allow the recharging of medium, heavy, and ultraheavy mechanoids.


Large mech rechargers can be constructed once the Standard mechtech research project has been completed. They require Steel 250 Steel, Component 2 Components, 8,000 ticks (2.22 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 5.


Large mech rechargers constantly consume -400 W of direct, electrical power, even when not actively recharging a mech. They are placed on the ground and can't be minified, or uninstalled.

Mech rechargers can recharge medium, heavy, and ultraheavy mechanoids. This includes:

A recharger gives the mechanoid 50% of their power need per day. This accumulates the recharger's waste meter. When a recharger is full of waste, a hauler can pick up 5 toxic wastepacks from the recharger. The exact amount of waste technically depends on the mechanoid. The existence of waste does not stop the recharger.

Suitable mechs will seek a recharger once reaching a configurable amount of charge, and a control group of mechs can be commanded to recharge (or avoid recharging) at will.


The majority of heavy mechs are designed for combat. You can keep these mechs dormant until an actual combat situation arises, which saves a lot of power. In practice, a mech that is never damaged and turned off diligently can survive for months and years at a time, just using the power from dormant self-charging. If mechs are dormant for most of the time, then you can keep the recharger off, too.

If your mechs never get hurt, and you aren't using a tunneler for mining, you can delay building this recharger indefinitely.

Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.4.3528 - Fix: Mech charger exceeding 100% full of waste if partially emptied.
  • 1.4.3563 - Fix: Infinite loop of hauling mech to charger outside the mech's allowed area.