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Previous Version: Version/1.4.3527
Released on: 25 October 2022
Next Version: Version/1.4.3529
Released on: 27 October 2022

Released on: 26 October 2022

Version 1.4.3528 is up now on the unstable (and now stable) branch!

  • "My child is happy" and related thoughts now can trigger if a pawn is being carried.
  • Fix: Charity believing pawns will get negative thought from "rejecting" refugees when the quest hasn't even been accepted yet.
  • Fix: Letting a pawn die on the world map with wastepacks will not pollute terrain.
  • Fix: Eye cut out graphics are misaligned.
  • Fix: Ancient exostrider remains are failing to generate in swamp maps.
  • Fix: Diabolus has two 'first' body rings.
  • Fix: Mechs not entering transport pods.
  • Fix: Lifters can try to haul themselves to a transport pod.
  • Fix: Bossgroup drop pods don't use mechanoid drop pods.
  • Fix: Mech gestator draw size.
  • Fix: Mech charger exceeding 100% full of waste if partially emptied.
  • Fix: Do a better job of displaying hulk body types in the pawn portrait in the rename UI.
  • Fix: Psychic drone now properly triggers for colonists being carried.
  • Fix: Held babies/children will now have thoughts about how their parents are happy.
  • Fix: NRE when right clicking on prisoner being carried.
  • Fix: Mod requirements wrapping instead of truncating
  • Fix: Save modlist saving the filtered mod list.