Growth vat

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Growth vat

Growth vat

A vat of fluid which can gestate an embryo or accelerate a child's growth.
While growing or gestating, the vat must be fed with a constant supply of nutrition to provide the feedstock for growth. Gestating an embryo takes twice the nutrition of accelerating a child's growth.
Embryos are gestated for 9 days before a baby is formed. There is a risk of health complications.
Child growth can only be accelerated up to age 18, but not beyond. While growing, a child's skills will slowly increase. Children raised in growth vats will have lower skills and gain fewer passions than normal.
The device uses chemical injections, electrical stimulation, and simple mechanite treatments to push the body to grow. Growth vats are often used to quickly manufacture engineered workers or warriors.

Base Stats

Market Value
440 Silver [Note]
30 kg
Path Cost


1 * 2
Cover Effectiveness
-80 W


Required Research
Growth vats
Work To Make
8,000 ticks (2.22 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 150 + Component 4
Deconstruct yield
Steel 75 + Component 2
Destroy yield
Steel 37 - 38 + Component 1

The growth vat is a building added by the Biotech DLC. It allows the gestation and accelerated aging of babies and children.


Growth vats can be constructed once the Growth vats research project has been completed. Each requires Steel 150 Steel, Component 4 Components and 8,000 ticks (2.22 mins) of work.


Growth vats take a constant 200 W of power as well as nutrition. Both raw and processed foods, including nutrient paste, can be inserted inside. Hosting an embryo costs 6 nutrition per day, and aging a child costs 3 nutrition per day. The vat's contents can be ejected immediately by the player by canceling vat growth; if it was an embryo, it will be destroyed.

If there's no power or nutrition, the being inside will enter Biostarvation, which increases in severity by 50% per day starved, and kills at 100% severity (or 2 days). Biostarvation also increases food consumption (by +10%), lasting for 5 days per 1 day starved.

Baby creation

Growth vats be used to grow an embryo in 9 days, twice as fast as natural pregnancy, and regardless of Fertility (as long as it's above 0%). This comes without risk to the mother, but the baby can still arrive sick.


Colonists under 18 can also have their aging sped up by 20x, i.e., it takes 3 days to age 1 year. This ignores the default 4x aging multiplier for babies and children, so a vat is 5x faster than that. While in the vat, a pawn's needs are frozen like in cryptosleep, and children will not gain growth points. Every 3 days inside the vat, they will gain a small amount of skill, even if a baby.

Parents will have a −4 My child is in a growth vat moodlet while their kid is inside. This can be altered by ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC.


IdeoligionsContent added by the Ideology DLC can have a precept relating to growth vats:

  • "Growth vats: Essential" boosts grow vat speed by +30% (~6.9 days to grow an embryo, children grow 26x faster) and removes the mood penalty. It gives parents +2 mood for their own child in a vat, or a −3 mood for their child not being in a vat. All colonists gain a −3 "No growth vats" moodlet if the colony has no growth vats and expectations are moderate or higher.
  • "Growth vats: Prohibited" gives negative mood for growth vats in your colony, and when any embryo or child is in a growth vat. Positive mood for child not in a growth vat.[Mood values]


Babies can be placed in the growth vat to speed up reaching toddler age. There are no apparent ill effects on the baby, and they even train an age-3 valid skill (Shooting, Melee, Social).[Not extensively checked?] However, parents gain a -4 moodlet, and it negates the mood buffs from having a happy baby in the colony.

Even if a child is at growth tier 8, they lose out on the skill training provided by the Lesson learning type. Meanwhile, aging a teen (13-17) to 18 is usually worthwhile - pawns under 18 have workspeed penalties.


While raw food can be put into the dispenser, virtually any means of cooking a meal gives more nutrition per food item. The absolute best way to prepare food is the nutrient paste meal, which triples nutrition. However, colonists won't automatically dispense nutrient paste for a growth vat; they will only haul meals on the floor to it. See Nutrient paste#Manually producing meals for how you can stockpile nutrient paste.

Without nutrient paste researched, baby food is the next best way to prepare vegetables. Simple meals are the next best way to prepare other food items.

There are no penalties to anyone for using insect meat, already-butchered human meat, or other usually undesirable food items in a vat.

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