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Production structures are used for keeping your colonists fed as well as processing raw materials.


Work orders are initiated by selecting the production building, then hitting the 'Bills' button. This opens a list from which you can select the bills to be completed. Work tables can have a chair placed at its interaction spot to provide comfort while the colonist is working there. Chairs in order of best to least comfort are armchair, dining chair, and stool.


Production machinery that use electricity can break down, indicated by a yellow notice envelope. A red flashing mark on the machine indicates it's broken. The machine won't work until a repairer fixes it and requires just one component.

Production tables that don't use electricity are not affected and will never break down.

List of workstations[edit]


Brewery Butcher spot Butcher table Crafting spot Fermenting barrel Fueled stove Art bench Simple research bench


Hand tailor bench Fueled smithy Stonecutter's table


Fabrication bench Deep drill Drug lab Electric crematorium Electric smelter Electric smithy Electric stove

Electric tailor bench Hi-tech research bench Hydroponics basin Machining table Biofuel refinery Nutrient paste dispenser Hopper