Hi-tech research bench

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Hi-tech research bench

Hi-tech research bench.png

Researchers work here to discover new things.

5 ˣ 2
Steel 100 + Component 10 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 100
Steel 75 + Component 7 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75

A hi-tech research bench is a Production bench at which your colonists can research new technology. Once you've selected a project in the Research tab, your research-capable colonists will operate the bench when not otherwise occupied. Multiple researchers can contribute toward a project at the same time, so long as sufficient research benches are available and/or double shifts.

Hi-tech research benches can only be produced after researching "Microelectronics Basics," and require more space and resources to construct than simple research benches, as well as electricity to operate. However, they produce results significantly faster, and are capable of working on advanced projects simple benches can't touch. They can also benefit from the addition of a multi-analyzer, producing even faster results. Most colonies will eventually need to replace their simple benches with hi-tech ones to win.

Building research benches outdoors imposes a x0.75 penalty to research speed. Indoors, the cleanliness of the room the bench is in comes into play, granting modifiers ranging from x0.75 for very dirty rooms to x1.09 for sterile (which requires a room covered in sterile tiles). Opposed to their simple research bench counterpart, these cannot be reinstalled. Because research projects are such long-term projects, it is strongly advised you place dining chairs or armchairs at each bench to keep your researchers comfortable.