Hi-tech research bench

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Hi-tech research bench

Hi-tech research bench

A high-tech bench with computers and electronic measurement equipment. Allows more rapid research, and unlocks advanced research projects.

Base Stats

Path Cost


5 ˣ 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
-250 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 6
Work To Make
5,000 ticks (1.39 mins)
Stuff tags
Resources to make
Buildingmats.png 150 + Steel.png 100 + Component.png 10
Deconstruct yield
Buildingmats.png 75 + Steel.png 50 + Component.png 5
Destroy yield
Buildingmats.png 37 - 38 + Steel.png 25 + Component.png 2 - 3

A hi-tech research bench is a Production bench at which your colonists can research new technology.

It is the more advanced version of the simple research bench, providing faster research speeds and allowing access to more advanced technologies. It is also the only bench that can be linked to the Multi-analyzer.


Hi-tech research benches can be constructed once the Microelectronics research project has been completed. They require Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 150 Stuff (Metals), Steel.png 100 Steel, Component.png 10 Component, 5,000 ticks (1.39 mins) of work, and a Construction of 6


Once you've selected a project in the Research tab, your research-capable colonists will operate the bench when not otherwise occupied. Multiple researchers can contribute toward a project at the same time, so long as sufficient research benches are available and/or day/night shifts are used.

Building research benches outdoors imposes a x0.75 penalty to research speed. Indoors, the cleanliness of the room the bench is in comes into play, granting modifiers ranging from x0.75 for very dirty rooms to x1.09 for sterile, which requires a room covered in sterile tiles.

Hi-tech research benches have a Research Speed Factor of 100%, compared to the simple research benches' 75%, meaning that projects are completed 33% faster on the hi-tech bench. Furthermore, some research projects require a hi-tech research bench in order to be researched at all. They are also the only bench that can be linked to the Multi-analyzer, increasing the research speed by 10% and allowing access to research project that require the analyser.

Unlike the simple research bench, these cannot be un/reinstalled, only deconstructed.


Hi-tech research benches can only be produced after researching Microelectronics and require power (250 W) and more space (2x5) and resources to construct than simple research benches.

  • Note that any and all advanced research can only be done at hi-tech research benches! Here, the term "advanced" means any technology with "hi-tech research bench" as a listed requisite, which is essentially anything branching further from that in the research tree. If you have simple research benches and are researching a non-advanced technology, those can be used, but the moment you switch to researching an advanced technology those will be abandoned, since they can contribute nothing to that effort.

Beyond that limitation, with a base research rate of 100% instead of the simple benches' 75%, they produce results significantly faster, and are capable of working on advanced projects simple benches can't touch. They can also benefit from the addition of a multi-analyzer, producing even faster results, so upgrading as soon as possible is obviously preferred.

That said, if there are more researchers than there are hi-tech benches, retaining the simple benches for lower tech projects allows more researchers to work at the same time. In such a case, the researchers with the highest Research Speed should be placed on the hi-tech benches (by drafting the lesser researchers, or giving them a different, temporary priority job).

Because research projects are long-term projects, it is strongly advised that you place high-quality dining chairs or (even better) armchairs at each bench to keep your researchers comfortable.

Material table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work to Build HP Flammability Market Value
    Golden Hi-tech research bench Gold.png 1500 20 4,500 ticks (1.25 mins) 150 40% 15525 Silver
    Plasteel Hi-tech research bench Plasteel.png 150 0 11,000 ticks (3.06 mins) 700 0% 1900 Silver
    Silver Hi-tech research bench Silver.png 1500 6 5,000 ticks (1.39 mins) 175 40% 2030 Silver
    Steel Hi-tech research bench Steel.png 150 0 5,000 ticks (1.39 mins) 250 40% 815 Silver
    Uranium Hi-tech research bench Uranium.png 150 0 9,500 ticks (2.64 mins) 625 0% 1445 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
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