Fueled stove

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Fueled stove

Fueled stove

A wood-fueled stove with an attached countertop for preparing meals.

Base Stats

Market Value
159 Silver [Note]
20 kg
Path Cost


3 ˣ 1
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance


Work To Make
2,000 ticks (33.33 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 80
Deconstruct yield
Steel 40
Destroy yield
Steel 20

A fueled stove is used by cooks to prepare meals from simpler ingredients. It requires wood as fuel to operate. Haulers refuel wood stoves.


Fueled stoves require Steel 80 Steel and 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work in order to be constructed.


Fueled stoves can create meals and use Wood wood for fuel. Up to 50 wood can be stored at once. One fuel (1 wood) is consumed for every 375 ticks (6.25 secs)[Verify] of work; at 100% Cooking Speed, this is enough to create 1 simple meal. Unlike campfires, stoves only consume fuel while actively burning.

Fueled stoves create a small amount of heat when cooking.


Like most work stations, cooking speed is reduced when it's too cold (below 5°C), too hot (above 35°C), and when cooking outdoors.

  • Name Materials Work to Make Required Research Type
    Psychite tea Psychite tea Psychoid leaves 4 000,400 ticks (6.67 secs) Psychoid brewing Drug - Social drug
    Carnivore fine meal Carnivore fine meal 0.75 Nutrition (Meat) 000,450 ticks (7.5 secs) Food - Meal
    Carnivore lavish meal Carnivore lavish meal 1.25 Nutrition (Meat) 000,800 ticks (13.33 secs) Food - Meal
    Fine meal Fine meal 0.25 Nutrition (Non-vegan) + 0.25 Nutrition (Vegan) 000,450 ticks (7.5 secs) Food - Meal
    Lavish meal Lavish meal 0.5 Nutrition (Non-vegan) + 0.5 Nutrition (Vegan) 000,800 ticks (13.33 secs) Food - Meal
    Packaged survival meal Packaged survival meal 0.3 Nutrition (Non-vegan) + 0.3 Nutrition (Vegan) 000,450 ticks (7.5 secs) Packaged survival meal Food - Meal
    16× Pemmican Pemmican 0.25 Nutrition (Meat) + 0.25 Nutrition (Vegan) 000,700 ticks (11.67 secs) Pemmican Food - Meal
    64× Pemmican Pemmican 1 Nutrition (Meat) + 1 Nutrition (Vegan) 002,800 ticks (46.67 secs) Pemmican Food - Meal
    Simple meal Simple meal 0.5 Nutrition (Any) 000,300 ticks (5 secs) Food - Meal
    4× Simple meal Simple meal 2 Nutrition (Any) 001,200 ticks (20 secs) Food - Meal
    Vegetarian fine meal Vegetarian fine meal 0.75 Nutrition (Vegetarian) 000,450 ticks (7.5 secs) Food - Meal
    Vegetarian lavish meal Vegetarian lavish meal 1.25 Nutrition (Vegetarian) 000,800 ticks (13.33 secs) Food - Meal
    10× Baby food Baby food Content added by the Biotech DLC 5 Nutrition (Vegetarian) 000,450 ticks (7.5 secs) Food
    40× Baby food Baby food Content added by the Biotech DLC 20 Nutrition (Vegetarian) 001,800 ticks (30 secs) Food
  • Any colonist that prepares a food item has a chance to contaminate it and cause food poisoning. The lower the cook's cooking skill, and the dirtier it is, the more likely someone will get food poisoning.


    Comparison to other cooking[edit]

    Compared to campfires, fueled stoves are a general upgrade. Meals are cooked twice as fast, fuel isn't used outside of cooking, and stoves give access to fine meals and lavish meals. Campfires are theoretically more wood efficient, as 1 wood can create up to 10 simple meals, as opposed to the stove's 1 simple meal. In practice, campfires burn wood constantly: fueled stoves are more wood efficient until 10 or more meals are cooked per day (roughly 5 colonists of hunger). But, regardless, it's more time efficient to cut down 1 more tree than it is to cook at a campfire. This assumes your biome has enough trees to cut. Of course, campfires also produce consistent heat and light.

    Compared to electric stoves and wood-fired generators, the combination uses more wood than a campfire (22/day vs 10/day), but cook just as fast as a fueled stove. There will also be 650 W of power left for other utilities, such as standing lamps, heaters, and coolers. Every other source of power has much less or no fuel cost at all. If wood is plentiful, using electricity in general is much more time efficient. If wood isn't, then just use a 0 wood wind turbine instead.

    Power is vulnerable to solar flares and other disruptions to the grid, but these are minor concerns. At worst, you can keep the fueled stove for emergency situations.

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