Electric crematorium

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Electric crematorium

Electric crematorium

A huge stone crematorium which vaporizes corpses with extremely high temperatures.

Base Stats



3 × 2
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
-250 W
Light Radius
Heat Per Second


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 4
Work To Make
4,500 ticks (1.25 mins)
Stuff Tags
Resources to make
Stuff 150 + Steel 20 + Component 2
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 75 + Steel 10 + Component 1
Destroy yield
Stuff 37 - 38 + Steel 5 + Component 0 - 1

An electric crematorium is a Production appliance used to destroy corpses as well as unwanted apparel, weapons, or drugs. Despite the specificity in the name, there is no other form of crematorium.


Electric crematoria can be constructed once Electricity is researched. They require Stuff 150 Stuff (Stony), Steel 20 Steel, Component 2 Components, 4,500 ticks (1.25 mins) of work and a Construction skill of 4.


Crematoria can be used to destroy corpses, apparel, weapons, or drugs by creating bills. The building itself uses 250 W of power, has -10 beauty, and a cleanliness value of -20.

Crematoria produce heat while executing bills at a rate of 12 heat per second,[Exact mechanic unclear], over half the rate of a campfire and with no maximum temperature. No heat is produced when idle, even if powered on.

It outputs light in a 6 tile radius while it is powered on, with the nearest 3.442 tiles being above 50% light level and considered lit. As the crematorium can only be used while it is powered, and it emits light when powered, this means there is no need for additional light sources to prevent work speed penalties to the operator. The light emitted by the crematorium itself is sufficient.

If the electric crematorium left is out in the rain, a short circuit can start a fire.


Bills are worked by haulers. All cremation times are scaled only by the General Labor Speed of the hauler performing the bill. In all cases, the item is completely destroyed leaving nothing behind.

  • Corpses require 180 ticks (3 secs) work to cremate and are cremated together with all of their equipped gear. By default, animal corpses will be filtered out. Mechanoid corpses cannot be burned.
  • Apparel requires 60 ticks (1 sec) work to burn, regardless of the item or material. Shield belts and smokepop packs cannot be burned (though firefoam pop packs can).
  • Weapons require 60 ticks (1 sec) work to burn, regardless of the item or material. Only flammable melee weapons, and ranged weapons made from wood (pila, short bow / recurve bow / greatbow / flamebowContent added by the Biotech DLC), can be burned.
  • Drugs require 60 ticks (1 sec) work to burn, but burns in entire stacks.


Crematoria are work intensive compared to other methods of disposing of unwanted objects, and this typically leads them to be neglected. However they do possess some advantages that can be relevant.

Molotov cocktails can dispose items with an open fire; one throw is enough to burn many objects. A safe burn area is required, such as a stone floored and walled room, though this can be cheaper than 1 crematorium. A stockpile zone can be configured to load the corpses, but the player needs to ignite it every time. Also note that the entrance must be forbidden or the Home Zone area removed to ensure no firefighters attempts to put out the cremating fire within.

However, unlike molotovs, electric crematoria don't require Machining to be researched to be be constructed, can be fully automated with bills, and do not involve open fire. In addition, many rotten corpses in a confined space can cause rot stink. This allows the player to be completely hands-off once the process is set up, which can be a significant advantage in some playstyles or colonies.

Finally, unwanted objects can instead be loaded onto transport pods, and launched to other faction's settlements, for a modest relationship gain. Using transport pods solely to dispose of weapons is costly for little gain. You can mitigate this by shipping unwanted gear with other items you would've sent as gifts, anyway (like flake or sculptures). As corpses are heavy, this method is impractical for them.

Material table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work to Build HP Flamma­bility Market Value
    Granite Electric crematorium 150 Granite blocks -10 027,140 ticks (7.54 mins) 510 0% 00,335,00 Silver
    Limestone Electric crematorium 150 Limestone blocks -10 027,140 ticks (7.54 mins) 465 0% 00,335,00 Silver
    Marble Electric crematorium 150 Marble blocks -9 024,890 ticks (6.91 mins) 360 0% 00,325,00 Silver
    Sandstone Electric crematorium 150 Sandstone blocks -10 022,640 ticks (6.29 mins) 420 0% 00,320,00 Silver
    Slate Electric crematorium 150 Slate blocks -10 027,140 ticks (7.54 mins) 390 0% 00,335,00 Silver
    Jade Electric crematorium 150 Jade 0 022,500 ticks (6.25 mins) 150 0% 00,935,00 Silver
  • Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.

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