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Rot stink is a gas created by rotting food and corpses. The gas creates a bad mood for pawns affected by it and can cause rot stink exposure and lung rot.



Like other gasses, its density is shown as a percentage. In small or indoor spaces, the amount of rot stink builds up quickly, which causes the severity to rise quickly as well.

Rot stink induces negative thoughts:[Under what conditions?]

  • Rot stink: −10 mood debuff ("A rotten stink invades my nostrils and sticks to my skin. It makes me sick.")
  • Awful rot stink: −16 mood debuff ("The stench of rot is so thick I almost feel like I'm swimming in it. I can hardly breathe in this filth!")
  • Rot stink lingering: −6 mood debuff ("That rot stink was horrible - and it feels like it's still stuck to me.")

Exposure causes increasing severity of the "Rot stink exposure" condition. The only effect of rot stink exposure is to given a chance for the affected pawn to contract lung rot proportional to the severity of the exposure. A higher severity increases the chance of contracting lung rot, going up to a MTB of 8 days at 50% severity up to a MTB of 0.5 at 100% severity.

When not exposed to the gas, the severity slowly drops with 15% per day.

  • Minor: visible when reaching 15%, up to 35%
  • Major: 35-50%
  • Serious: 50%


It can be used in killboxes, but, the requirements are having Gas Masks or less effectively Face Masks (reduces rot stink buildup but doesn't prevent mood loss), having Tox immunity or Total antitoxic lungs (prevents mood loss and rot stink buildup), Perfect Immunity (prevents lung rot, rendering rot stink buildup harmless, but doesn't prevent mood loss), or one or two detoxifier lungs (one reduces rot stink buildup and protects that lung from lung rot, while two prevents rot stink buildup entirely). Alternatively, any two of the following can be used together to prevent rot stink buildup entirely: a detoxifier lung, the partial antitoxic lungs gene, and a face mask/gas mask (as a face mask will suffice in combination with a detoxifier lung or the partial antitoxic lungs gene, it is preferred in this case over a gas mask). The tox resistance gene does not protect against rot stink at all, and only the tox immunity or total antitoxic lungs genes can prevent the mood hit from rot stink exposure - not even missing a nose can prevent this.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.4.3525 - Added.
  • 1.4.3555 - All gasses, including rot stink, can now travel through vents.
  • 1.5.4062 - Rotstink exposure now causes lung rot in Core. Previously the effects were defined in Core, and the Steam announcement for Update 1.4 mentioned it as a Core feature, however rot stink exposure and lung rot would not be applied without the Biotech DLC.