Biofuel refinery

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Refines biological matter such as wood or plant matter into chemfuel.

2 ˣ 3
Resources to make
Steel 200 + Component 3
Deconstruct yield
Steel 112 + Component 2

The biofuel refinery is a work table to produce chemfuel from wood or organic ingredients, it cannot be re-installed.

In order to build the refinery, you will need to invest 700 research points into Biofuel refining.

Refinery Usage

While the refinery is selected, click "Bills" then "Add Bill" to add an order to produce chemfuel:

  • Make chemfuel from wood: Turns 70 wood logs into 35 chemfuel.
  • Make chemfuel from organics: Turns 3.5 nutrition worth of food ingredients in 35 chemfuel.
    • Hay or meals not accepted, though kibble made with hay will work.


  • Most raw ingredients have a nutrition value of 0.05. For such ingredients, 3.5 nutrition requires 70 units, which is the same quantity required of wood.
  • Since chemfuel powered generators use only 4 fuel per day, it is very easy to achieve net power from a closed system. (A farm can easily fuel its own Sunlamps and still provide a surplus of food)

Version history

  • Prior to Beta 19 it used to be simply called the Refinery, and meals could be used as organic ingredients.