Long-range mineral scanner

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Long-range mineral scanner

Long-range mineral scanner

A lateral sensor unit used by researchers to detect a specific type of mineral across the planet. The chance to find a resource depends on the operator's research ability. This sensor can be tuned to target a specific resource type. It consumes a lot of electricity. If you find a resource, you'll need to travel to collect it.

Base Stats

Market Value
1010 Silver [Note]
Path Cost


3 ˣ 3
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
-700 W


Required Research
Long-range mineral scanner
Skill Required
Construction 8
Work To Make
10,000 ticks (2.78 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 200 + Component 6 + Advanced component 2
Deconstruct yield
Steel 100 + Component 3 + Advanced component 1
Destroy yield

The long-range mineral scanner can detect mineral deposits in the nearby areas outside your colony when manned by a researcher. It can be tuned to find different minerals, such that it will only find deposits of a certain kind.

The scanner spawns mineral lump mini-maps in the world map and triggers its respective world event which always has an expiry date of 30 days. The target area can either be unguarded, surrounded by a small manhunter pack, or have an enemy waiting to ambush you. Manhunters or an enemy may approach your colonists from the edge of the map when one of your colonists gets near the mineral lump, given that there wasn't anything else waiting at the lump. Once the area has been cleared of hostiles, you have 10 days to mine everything before another group of hostiles arrives.

A researcher at the Mineral Scanner will find lumps with a mean time between of 4 pawn-days and will be guaranteed to find a lump after 8 days of work. The mean time between finding deposits is dependent on the Research Speed of the user.

While scanning, a pawn will gain Intellectual skill, but only at about half the rate they would while working at a research bench.

Although not explicitly mentioned in the item description, the long-range mineral scanner is not usable if there is a roof over it. (Similar to the ground-penetrating scanner.)


Long-range mineral scanners can be constructed once the Long-range mineral scanner research project has been completed. They require Steel 200 Steel, Component 6 Component, Advanced component 2 Advanced component, 10,000 ticks (2.78 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 8.


All minerals, as well as components, can be discovered with the scanner. The expected yield and mass from a lump can be found in the table below; this is useful for knowing how many pack animals to send to various discovered lumps.

Resource No. of Tiles Total Yield Total Mass (kg) Market Value
Steel 55 - 60 2200 - 2400 1100 - 1200 4180 - 4560
Plasteel 10 - 15 400 - 600 100 - 150 3600 - 5400
Components 50 - 70 100 - 140 60 - 84 3200 - 4480
Silver 60 - 80 2400 - 3200 16.8 - 22.4 2400 - 3200
Gold 8 - 12 320 - 480 2.5 - 3.8 3200 - 4800
Uranium 15 - 20 600 - 800 600 - 800 3600 - 4800
Jade 20 - 25 700 - 875 350 - 438 3500 - 4375

Version history

  • Beta 19 - can now find more than gold and jade, and can be tuned to the desired mineral. Now requries a colonist to operate. Lumps now expire. More than one scanner on the same map is now effective.
  • 1.1 - power cost was increased. The time between finding ore veins is now displayed.
  • 1.3.3200 - Work to make increased from 1000 to 10,000