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Previous Version: Version/1.3.3072
Released on: 27 July 2021
Next Version: Version/1.3.3076
Released on: 31 July 2021

Released on: 29 July 2021

Some help for vegetarians, carnivores, slavers, and dryad-lovers Hey everyone, we're here with another update. Tons of great feedback has been coming in and we're working to translate that into high-value improvements as fast as possible.

It should be compatible with everything.

Thanks to those who helped test it on the Official Dev Discord. Come join us!


  • Desired apparel now uses the same faction restrictions as role apparel does. Tribal-Only: War mask, Tribal Headdress. Non-tribal only: Slicecap, Beret. Removed visage mask restriction to non-tribal only.
  • Slaves no longer slight or insult non-slaves
  • Slaves never start social fights with non-slaves if insulted.
  • Allowed saving all ideos and allowed saving ideos in-game.
  • Allow non-ideo members to participate in leader speech.
  • Melee-ing a slave now increases suppression.
  • Rebellion chance per slave now relates inversely to the number of slaves on the map, so overall rebellion chance shouldn't climb so aggressively with higher slave counts.
  • Adjust slave rebellion base MTB 50 days back to 45 days.
  • Change animal products and processed food to not generate negative thoughts related to meat-eating precepts. Vegetarians and carnivores alike can now eat these without being bothered.
  • Beggars can now be given items when they are traveling to their wait destination.
  • Prevent thrumbos from eating Gauranlen trees in addition to anima trees.
  • Ideo UI Role apparel requirements float menu now lists the incompatibility reason.
  • Added confirmation dialogs in ideo config UI when precepts will change.
  • Dryads of not the correct caste will return to the tree first when connection strength drops enough to be unable to support the current number of dryads.
  • Integrate art for rough living issue and set it to medium importance.
  • Gauranlen pod sprouts now happen much earlier for tree connector ideoligions.
  • We are now more selective about which weapons increase rebellion chance (exclude wood, emp, smoke...)
  • Allow black color to be selected for apparel coloring.
  • Integrated new mod source and warning graphics for the mod menu.
  • Integrated new meal graphics.
  • Improvements to ideoligion save/load UI.
  • Ensure Tunneler meme always has the MiningYield_High precept.


  • Optimized QuestNode_Root_WorkSite.
  • Removed _NewTemp suffix from PreceptWorker methods and made optional parameter non-optional.
  • Renamed def Nutrifungus to Plant_Nutrifungus per standard.
  • Changed ThoughtWorker_Precept_IdeoDiversity to not iterate over spawned pawns list twice.
  • Removed unused 'Notify_MemberSpawned' methods.
  • hairColor -> hairOnly.
  • Mark PlaceBlueprintForBuild as [Obsolete].
  • Improvements to pawn blindness checks.


  • Fix: ProblemCauser quest can fire with mech cluster even if mechanoids disabled.
  • Fix: Incorrect requireOne usage for PainIsVirtue.
  • Fix: Some bad requireOne usages.
  • Fix: Diversity of thought calculates the percentage of pawns with another ideo by dividing against all spawned pawns of the faction including animals, slaves and prisoners.
  • Fix 5218: Some ancient doodads are rotated when they shouldn't be.
  • Fix: Lovers/Spouses sharing a bed in barracks get "sleeping alone" thought.
  • Fix: Initial player ideo can be set multiple times on different ideos if the user revisits the configure ideo page before starting a game.
  • Fix: Pawns under 18 can use age reversal.
  • Fix: Starting leader speech from a ritual focus bypasses some checks, like being able to speak.
  • Fix: Funerals are expected to be held for slaves if they have same ideo as colonists.
  • Fix: Farskip with Relic gives debuff from losing the relic.
  • Fix: Hermetic crate missing opening completed sound. Applied the same sound as security crate.
  • Fix: Slaves and prisoners will not be carried to slave medical beds after a duel ended in which they got wounded.
  • Fix: Ancient complex world objects remain on world map after archonexus cycles making it potentially hard to generate a new site as a ritual reward.
  • Fix 5232: Wimpy Noble quest generated with generic tags rather than text.
  • Fix: Apparel color buff is gone after save / load.
  • Fix: NullRefException when abandoning royal title.
  • Fix 5234: Pawns can build turrets when prohibited by precepts.
  • Fix 5225: Undefined 'spritElement' text element.
  • Fix: Ideo creation warning about incompatibility between apparel requirement and desired apparel even if both apparel are the same.
  • Fix: Collapsed rocks have 'attack to destroy' inspect pane and disabled deconstruct message.
  • Fix 5216: Minor text overlap issue in ideo config UI.
  • Fix: Bestower pawns can engage in social fighting, breaking the ceremony.
  • Fix: Misc small copy errors.