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Relics are objects of spiritual or ideological significance. They can be discovered by completing long and dangerous quests. A relic can be installed in a reliquary to attract pilgrims, enhance rituals, and strengthen an ideoligion's ability to convert outsiders.

A relic is a holy item revered by your ideoligion, ideally placed in a reliquary. In order to be obtained, they must be found through a 5 part quest.


Relics are chosen through the ideoligion creation screen: either at the beginning of your game, or possibly later on if you chose the Fluid Ideoligion option. There are multiple designated relic items, like a chalice or a hilt, available to pick from. Alternatively, relics can be any weapon in the game - ranging from a pump shotgun to a persona monosword.

Weapons will always be of legendary quality, if possible (e.g. a thrumbo horn has no quality), but otherwise fight the same as other weapons. Other relic items have no special use outside of Ideoligions.

If a relic is a persona weapon, its persona traits will be generated at the same time as a quest[Which quest?]. This means that a player may load a previous savegame to re-randomize an artifact persona weapon's traits if they are not favorable, providing that the storyteller is not in commitment mode.

Reliecs are revered by your ideoligion, so pawns of that ideoligion will receive buffs accordingly:

  • Finding any relic will give fluid ideoligions +5 development points
  • Finding all the sacred relics gives a +15 mood bonus for 15 days.
  • A relic being present at a ritual gives a +3 mood bonus for 4 days.
  • A relic installed in a reliquary gives +10% multiplicative bonus strength to the Moral Guide's Convert power for that ideoligion, when the power is used on the same map as the reliquary. In effect, the total certainty reduction is multiplied by 110%.

A relic being lost or destroyed causes a mood malus of -5 for 30 days. This malus can stack up to five times.


In order to obtain a relic you must participate in 5 different subquests. Subquests can repeat; if you fail one, more will appear later on. There are 4 different types of subquest:

  • Hacking a Spacedrone
    • A spacedrone will land near the colony which you must hack. Raiders from a certain faction will periodically raid the base, with an interval of approximately 8 hours. These raids will be focused on attacking the drone, and raiders will ignore pawns shooting at them. The drone has 750 hack points. Once finished hacking, the drone will explode in 30 seconds in 1x speed.
  • Worshipful Village
    • The quest creates a neutral tribal village that is not part of any faction, and worship an ancient terminal containing information about the relic. The villagers are neutral at first, allowing you to visit on the pretense that you are worshiping the terminal too, but will turn hostile upon three conditions: harming a member of the tribe, contact with the terminal, and overstaying your visit (10 hours). Reinforcements will arrive if you do not leave in time after turning hostile.
  • Ancient Compound
    • An ancient compound will spawn on the map, containing hermetic crates, fuel barrels, and ??.
  • Ferried Ancient Compound
    • The exact same as the above quest, but the quest giver will shuttle a set number of pawns to the location. The location will not spawn until you arrive.

Relic Location

    • In this last and final quest, you are to travel to an ancient structure guarded by some mechanoids. The structure contains a reliquary containing the relic. The relic can be uninstalled and the reliquary deconstructed for valuable gold, ending the quest.

Relic types

Inert relics

Non-weapon relics

General stats:

  • Description: An object with ideoligious significance.
  • Mass: 1.5
  • HP: 200
  • Beauty: 1
  • Market Value: 200
  • Stuff count: 100 (Defined, but seemingly not used)
  • Tech level: Archotech

Types and Stuff options:

  • Chalice - Metallic, Stony
  • Pendant - Metallic
  • Box - Metallic, Woody, Stony
  • Tablet - Stony
  • Fragment - Metallic, Stony
  • Hilt - Metallic, Stony
  • Ark - Metallic
  • Cube - Metallic, Woody, Stony

Version history

  • 1.3.3087 - Pawns no longer smelt relics, to avoid accidental mishaps.