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Relics are objects of spiritual or ideological significance. They can be discovered by completing long and dangerous quests. A relic can be installed in a reliquary to attract pilgrims, enhance rituals, and strengthen an ideoligion's ability to convert outsiders.

A relic is a holy item revered by your ideoligion, ideally placed in a reliquary. In order to be obtained, they must be found through a 5 part quest.


Relics are chosen through the ideoligion creation screen: either at the beginning of your game, or possibly later on if the Fluid Ideoligion option is chosen. A random selection of relics will be generated if you pick the "Ideology system: inactive" option.

Relics are revered by your ideoligion, so pawns of that ideoligion will receive buffs accordingly:

  • Finding any relic will give fluid ideoligions +5 development points
  • Finding all the sacred relics gives a +15 mood bonus for 15 days. This only stacks once, even if new relics are chosen via a fluid ideoligion and acquired.
  • Relics being present at a ritual, i.e. installed in a reliquary in the temple used for the ritual, gives a small mood bonus for 4 days depending on the number of relics present. One relic gives +2, two gives +3, and three gives +4.
  • A relic installed in a reliquary gives an additional bonus to certainty loss inflicted by conversion attempted by pawns from that ideoligion on the same map as the reliquary,[Verify] including the Moral guide's Convert ability. The size of the increase depends on the number of relics currently held. See Conversion for details.

A relic being lost or destroyed causes a mood malus of −5 for 30 days. Lost and destroyed stack separately and can each stack up to five times.

Relics will sometimes be mentioned by name in the randomly generated lore associated with the ideoligion.

Relic types[edit]

Relics can be a range of different items. These include:

The items will be renamed with randomly generated name and stuffable items will have a random stuff type chosen. Both can be specified by the player during ideoligion creation.

Relic chances are used when an ideoligion is first generated, when an ideoligion preset is used, or when the "Ideology system: inactive" option is chosen. When customizing an ideoligion, the player can choose any type of relic without penalty, making relic chances irrelevant.

Weapons will always be of legendary quality, if possible (e.g. a thrumbo horn has no quality), but otherwise act the same as other weapons. Note that the pilgrim quests, as well as the mood and certainty buffs require the relic to be placed in a reliquary. In addition, being carried makes relic loss or destruction possible. These factors must be taken into account when choosing whether to enshrine or wield relic weapons.

If a relic is a persona weapon, its persona traits will be generated at the same time as a quest[Which quest?]. This means that a player may load a previous savegame to re-randomize an artifact persona weapon's traits if they are not favorable, providing that the storyteller is not in commitment mode.

Inert relics[edit]

Dedicated relic items, or items that serve no other purpose than to act as relics. All inert relics are stuffable and have the same stats. They only differ in stuff options and texture.

General stats:

  • Description: An object with ideoligious significance.
  • Mass: 1.5
  • HP: 200
  • Beauty: 1
  • Market Value: 500
  • Stack limit: 1
  • Stuff count: 100 (Defined, but seemingly not used)
  • Tech level: Archotech
Type Stuff options
RelicInertCup.png Chalice Metallic, Stony
RelicInertPendant.png Pendant Metallic
RelicInertBox.png Box Metallic, Woody, Stony
RelicInertTablet.png Tablet Stony
RelicInertFragment.png Fragment Metallic, Stony
RelicInertSwordHandle.png Hilt Metallic, Stony
RelicInertArk.png Ark Metallic
RelicInertCube.png Cube Metallic, Woody, Stony


Pilgrims come and see the relic if its in a reliquary.

If you deny them, depending on your Charity precept, you get a mood penalty for not letting them see the relic, and a larger one for betraying them.

  • Essential: -8, -12
  • Important: -4, -8
  • Worthwhile: -2, -6


In order to obtain a relic, you must participate in 5 different subquests, then travel to the relic's location. Subquests can repeat; if you fail one, more will appear later on. If a fluid ideoligion is reformed to no longer venerate a specific relic, quests related to that relic will be deactivated.

There are 4 different types of subquest:

Spacedrone Hacking a Spacedrone

A spacedrone will land near the colony which you must hack. Raiders from a certain faction will periodically raid the base, with an interval of approximately 8 hours. These raids will be focused on attacking the drone, and raiders will ignore pawns shooting at them. The drone has 750 hack points. Once finished hacking, the drone will explode in 30 seconds in 1x speed.

Worshipful village world site.png Worshipful Village

The quest creates a neutral tribal village that is not part of any faction, and worship an ancient terminal containing information about the relic. The villagers are neutral at first, allowing you to visit on the pretense that you are worshiping the terminal too, but will turn hostile upon three conditions: harming a member of the tribe, contact with the terminal, and overstaying your visit (10 hours). Reinforcements will arrive if you do not leave in time after turning hostile.

Ancient complex world site.png Ancient Compound

An ancient compound will spawn on the map, containing hermetic crates, fuel barrels, and ??.

Ancient complex world site.png Ferried Ancient Compound

The exact same as the above quest, but the quest giver will shuttle a set number of pawns to the location. The location will not spawn until you arrive.

Ancient relic world site.png Relic Location

After completing 5 subquests, the relic's location will be revealed.

You are able to travel to an ancient structure, which is guarded by initially dormant mechanoids. If the Biotech DLC is enabled, this contingent will include mechanoids from that DLC, but not mechanoid commanders.

After 3 days from the relic location being revealed, the mechs will wake up. Otherwise, there is no other time pressure. The structure contains a reliquary containing the relic. The relic can be extracted from the reliquary, ending the quest. The mechanoids will awaken the moment extraction is begun and extracting the relic takes 5 seconds. Afterwards, the reliquary can be deconstructed for valuable gold.


Legendary weapon farming[edit]

When you reform a fluid ideoligion, you get to generate 3 entirely new relics at a time. "Old" relics remain as legendary weapons. It is possible to generate an indefinite amount of weapons using the following steps:

  1. Create a fluid ideoligion at game start.
  2. Select three weapons of your choice. (Usually persona monoswordsContent added by the Royalty DLC / persona zeushammersContent added by the Royalty DLC - see below)
  3. Perform the quests to retrieve the relics.
  4. Reform the ideoligion, and repeat until you have enough weapons.

Persona weaponsContent added by the Royalty DLC are usually the best option, as they cannot be crafted. Acquiring high-quality persona weapons can be very difficult. This is made even harder as many persona traits are undesirable. Persona monoswords and persona zeushammers benefit the most from quality. Eltex stavesContent added by the Royalty DLC also have some merit.

With craftable items, relic hunting is possible, but often inefficient. This is due to the impact of production specialist. A Crafting 20 production specialist has a ~9.6% to make a legendary item. With a source of inspired creativity (tortured artist or word of inspirationContent added by the Royalty DLC), this jumps to 97.54% legendary.

So in the late game, it is usually easier to craft legendary weapons rather than relic hunt. In addition, the process of farming legendaries will also create many masterwork weapons. This is why persona weapons and eltex staves are recommended; you can't use a production specialist to make them.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.3.3074 - Fix: Farskip with Relic gives debuff from losing the relic.
  • 1.3.3087 - Pawns no longer smelt relics, to avoid accidental mishaps.
  • 1.4.3523 - Fix: Relics can stack with other items of the same type.
  • 1.4.3641 - Fix: Pawns considered free when using shuttle/pods, causing "Relic lost" thought if equipped.
  • 1.4.3682 - Fix: Caravans holding relics cause "relic lost" thought on map exit.