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Thrones are a set of two buildings used by nobles in the Royalty DLC.

Both thrones share similar mechanics.

Throne rooms[edit]

Throne rooms are a key aspect of the title system. In order to receive a noble title from the empire at all, you must have a suitable throne room (even if a pawn is ascetic).

Title Honor (total) Throne Room Requirements
Throne Space Impressiveness Floor Brazier Column Musical instrument Drape
Freeholder 1
Yeoman 6 (7)
Acolyte 6 (13) Meditation throne 24 all floored 2
Knight/Dame 8 (21) 30 60 2 Harp / Harpsichord / Piano
Praetor 10 (31) 40 90 4
Baron/Baroness 14 (45) Grand meditation throne 60 120 all fine floored Harpsichord / Piano 2
Count/Countess 20 (65) 80 160 6 Piano

Note: All braziers must be lit and the room must be roofed.

Multiple pawns can share a throne room, but each pawn requires their own throne. You can place dining tables and recreation items inside a throne room. However, workstations and Ideology ritual items cannot be placed in a throne room without undignifying it.

Once assigned a title, non-Ascetic pawns will receive −6 No throne or −6 Undiginified throne room if their throne room is lowered below their requirements.


Both thrones are a Dignified meditation focus. Anyone with a royal title can be assigned to a throne, where they will meditate.

  • Both thrones give a base of +15% psyfocus per day.
  • If it is in a throne room that meets the pawns title requirements, its focus strength is improved by +8%.
  • Focus strength is then further improved by the throne room's impressiveness:
  • Impressiveness Value 0 30 60 100 170+
    Description at Value Awful Mediocre Slightly Impressive Very Impressive Unbelievably Impressive
    Strength Offset -5% +0% +4% +8% +10%
  • N.B. The room impressiveness descriptors only relate to descriptors the room will have at that specific value. The descriptors themselves do not control the value. A room with 50 room impressiveness will be listed "Slightly Impressive" but will not make the cut off for the 4% increase.

    To reiterate: meditation thrones and grand meditation thrones give the exact same meditation focus. The only difference is that the grand throne meets more title requirements, and is more impressive as a building. Thrones have a maximum of +33% psyfocus / day, in an Unbelievably impressive room that meets throne requirements.


    Regular meditation thrones are considered as seats for all intents and purposes. Grand meditation thrones can only be sat on when watching television or while meditating.


    All seating have a Comfort value. This is a measure of how high a pawn can refill their comfort meter while using the piece of furniture. A pawn sitting in a meditation throne with a higher comfort value can achieve a higher level. It does not affect the rate at which comfort increases, only the maximum level. Comfort levels over 100% have no additional effect. Comfort varies by quality but not material. Meditation thrones of the same quality level will all have the same comfort, regardless of what they're constructed from.

    Meditation throne

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Comfort 57% 66% 75% 84% 93% 109% 128%
  • Grand meditation throne

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Comfort 68% 79% 90% 101% 112% 131% 153%