Major archotech structure

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Major archotech structure

Major archotech structure

A large archotech structure. The dull green surface is utterly pristine and undamaged, and so smooth that it's slippery. There is no way to guess how long it has been here, and its purpose seems unfathomable. The psychic power it emanates isn't aggressive, but it is overwhelming and inhuman. Like standing inside a threshing machine of whirling blades, inside the heartbeat of a sleeping giant, inside a tight tunnel and you can't move or speak or breathe... Anyone who goes near it will become unsettled unless they are psychically deaf.

Base Stats



7 × 7

The major archotech structure is a structure added by the Ideology DLC. It acts as an intermediate step towards the endquest The Archonexus.

They are one of a number of archotech structures alongside the archotech tower, grand archotech structure, and archonexus core.


The major archotech structure appears after accepting the first part of The Archonexus quest. To accept this quest, you must have a colony worth $350,000 wealth, and be allied with a requested faction. Accepting this quest will sell your colony, allowing up to 5 colonists to create a new colony anywhere on the world. Once you've landed into the new colony, the major archotech structure will be present.

A major archotech structure is always surrounded by 4 archotech towers at the start of the new map.


The structure is designed as an ancient, yet pristine building from eons ago. Every 6,000 ticks (1.67 mins) it emits a pulse that damages and kills any plants (Excluding Anima trees) by 10 HP within a 32 tile radius (65 tile diameter). It also frequently spawns anima grass (up to 35) in its place (highest chance at 24 tiles) which is unfazed by the pulses.

It is invulnerable to any form of attack and cannot be destroyed by any means. Studying this structure is required in order to accept the next part of The Archonexus quest. 2,100 progress is needed to complete the study.

Archotech emanation[edit]

Colonists standing nearby that are not psychically deaf will be affected by a base -5 "Archotech Emanation" mood debuff as long as they stand close to it. Psychic sensitivity affects the magnitude of the debuff. The area affected is an octagon 13 tiles in radius (27 tiles in diameter) plus one extra tile in each cardinal direction.

If a colonist is standing within 2 tiles of the structure, they will get a base -10 mood debuff instead. This debuff shares the same "Archotech Emanation" name as the lesser -5 debuff, but the description of the debuff will change to read "These thoughts coming from the structure, they open doors to such vastness... I feel so small that I might disappear." This debuff, other than the different description and greater penalty, functions identically to the lesser debuff.

Contrary to the description, it does not harm creatures that stand near it.


Because it usually takes so long to accrue another $350,000 colony wealth, the time and effort studying the major archotech structure is almost insignificant. If it happens to be a problem, then use a psychically deaf pawn, or hook a sacrificial pawn on constant yayo to study the structure for you. Alternatively, install a Joywire in a pawn in order to counteract it.


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