Ancient unstable fuel node

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Ancient unstable fuel node

Ancient unstable fuel node

An ancient, unstable fuel node once used to charge machines with fuel. It has become unstable over the years due to lack of maintenance.

Base Stats

Path Cost


1 × 1
Cover Effectiveness


Work To Make
3,000 ticks (50 secs)

Ancient unstable fuel nodes are ruins added by the Ideology DLC. They spawn in ancient complexes, and act as traps, exploding and setting fires when pawns enter rooms.


When destroyed or damaged beyond 99% of its health, i.e. any attack that deals damage, or when pawns move in the same room, it will spark and emit a hissing sound and explode after 480 ticks (8 secs), dealing 10 Flame damage in a 6.9 tile radius around itself. This explosion leaves Chemfuel puddles on 25% of the tiles covered by the explosion which will then ignite and burn. Unlike turrets, destroying the node in a single hit, such as from a frag grenade, will not prevent the explosion.

They spawn in ancient complexes, and act as traps, exploding and setting fires when pawns enter rooms.



Tips and tricks[edit]

  1. Bringing a firefoam popper on the caravan trip and placing it near the fuel node is a good way of stopping the fire from spreading too much and destroying everything, since some of the ancient complexes contain flammable objects.
  2. Deconstructing a wall make the room into an outdoors area, instantly equalizing the temperature with the outside and preventing the fire from heating up the room and burning any pawns that are inside. Note: the pawns can still get burnt from nearby fire sources however.
  3. A pawn with high enough Construction skill can safely deconstruct a previously almost undisturbed node before it explodes
  4. Sometimes the fuel node can be completely avoided, if there are no hostiles on the map and if the map is not a colony. Rushing for the closed off loot before the fuel node explodes and forming a caravan can keep your pawns and the loot safe from the fire
  5. Using WallraiseContent added by the Royalty DLC can block in a node, causing its explosion to effect a lesser area and create less fire in the process.


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