Psylink neuroformer

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Psylink neuroformer

Psylink neuroformer

A consumable archotech-created device that forms or upgrades a psylink in the user's mind.
The user presses the device over the eyes, where it links to the brain directly and restructures part of it. Afterwards, the device disintegrates into worthless ash.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Market Value
1200 Silver.png
4 kg

The Psylink neuroformer gives a pawn that's been implanted with it a Psycast level.


By gaining Honor with the Empire faction, one may call a Bestower to the colony to provide a Psylink to a pawn after it ranks up in titles. Alternatively, you may steal the Psylink neuroformer themselves from the Bestower, making your colony an enemy of the Empire.

Psylink neuroformers can also be found as occasional quest rewards. They can not be acquired through trade (except trade quests) or surgery as they could in past versions.

Version history

Added in the Royalty DLC.

In Version/1.1.2647 it was renamed from Psychic amplifier, and is no longer the sole method of obtaining psycasts.