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Neurotrainer mech serum.png

A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to train a specific psycast. The dose is administered through the orbit of the eye. Once released into the brain, the mechanites form knowledge of a specific psycast ability, transmuting themselves into neural tissue as needed.

Exotic Item
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

The psytrainer is a rare item added by the Royalty DLC that will substantially increase a single, specific psycast of the colonist using the serum. It will then be used up and disappear. Each serum is attuned to one specific psycast and will provide that psycast only, which is given as part of the name, as in "Psytrainer (Beckon)". The psycast can not be chosen, it is a property of the item and chosen randomly when the item is generated by the game.

The Psytrainer can be acquired in the early Deserter quest, as well as by trade and as a quest reward in other quests.

The value of the psytrainer depends on its content. A psytrainer for a lower level psycast will be cheaper than that of a higher level psycast.