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Wealth management is the practice of managing the wealth present in a colony to reduce the difficulty of the raids that it encounters.

Effect of wealth

Colony wealth is one of the key determining factors in determining the raid points available to the storyteller, both directly contributing raid points itself, and scaling the points added by each colonist.

"Storyteller Wealth" = (Colony Wealth (items) + Colony Wealth (people and animals) + ( (Colony Wealth (buildings)) * 0.5 )

"Storyteller Wealth" is linearly interpolated on a graph to create a "Wealth Points".

Graph Points Storyteller Wealth
0 0
0 14,000
2,400 400,000
3,600 700,000
4,200 1,000,000
Graph Points Storyteller Wealth
15 0
15 10,000
140 400,000
200 1,000,000


While wealth is clearly a primary driver in the raid point scaling, the effect is often exaggerated and certain causes of wealth blamed unnecessarily. Put simply, it takes a significant amount of wealth to noticeably affect raid sizes and often it is colonist count and the normal scaling causing the actual problem.


That does not mean that wealth management is without merit - it just means that the gains must be considered objectively. E.g. Is a strategy requiring significant micromanagement worth it when it reduces raid size by one scyther?


Wealth management strategies can be broken down into two general classes:

  1. Wealth control, or wealth minimization, where the intent is to control the total wealth accrued by purposefully reducing both the total wealth of the colony and the rate of accrual.
  2. Wealth investment, where wealth gain is not retarded in any way but instead steps are taken to ensure that sufficient wealth is reinvested into advancing the colony to keep up with advancing raid points.

As an example, a colony performing no wealth management might mass-produce flake for sale but allow the silver to build up in stores for later use, a wealth controlling colony might avoid making flake for sale at all or limit production, and a wealth investing colony would mass-produce the same amount as the first but prioritize use it to buy items such as doomsday rocket launchers to better deal with the increased raid points.


Wealth control strategies

Burning corpses and wooden bows, avoiding over production, combine rooms into one to save on the costs required for a given mood buff, and allowing excess items to deteriorate such as furs and leathers which can be rapidly accrued through hunting, or metals (in particular less useful ones such as jade or gold).

Wealth investment strategies

Buy doomsdays, neurotrainers, psylink neurformers, bricks, better weapons, Trade = investment but also = control - trade price improvement means your net wealth is always decreasing when you sell something for silver (unless you're selling buildings potentially) and always decreasing when you buy something with silver. So buying a doomsday for 200 silver mark up makes both reduces your total wealth by 200 but also improves your ability to defend the remaining wealth.

When bonded, persona weapons have no value, both for trade and for the purposes of raid points.