Detoxifier lung

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Detoxifier lung

Detoxifier lung

An advanced artificial lung that uses microfilters to reduce the intake of environmental toxins, allowing the user to survive longer in polluted environments. Additionally, it negates the irritation of acidic smoke and prevents lung rot in this lung.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Market Value
925 Silver
1 kg


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Toxin Filtration

A Detoxifier Lung is an artificial body part that allows a pawn to breathe increasing breathe by 10% per lung while also protecting the user from environmental toxins. A pair of detoxifier lungs will grant the user 100% Toxic Environment Resistance.


Detoxifier Lungs can be crafted at a Fabrication bench once the Toxin Filtration research project has been completed. They require , Expression error: Unexpected < operator. of work, and a [[]] skill of .

They can also be bought from exotic traders, Empire traders, and at Outlander faction bases.


A pawn requires 1 lung to live. Each lung contributes towards 50% of a pawn's Breathing, so losing a lung results in 50% Breathing. Breathing itself affects Consciousness, Moving, and the Rest Rate Multiplier. A completely removed lung would result in -10% Consciousness, -15% to sleep efficiency, and -20% Moving; Consciousness also reduces a variety of other stats.


Installing the part requires 2,500 ticks (41.67 secs) of work, 2x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 5.

Removing the part requires 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work, 1x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 0.

If the operation fails, the part has a chance[What Chance?] to be destroyed.


Detoxifier lungs are craftable, meaning they can replace a destroyed lung when there are no prisoners to harvest from, or if your colony's ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC prevents organ harvesting.