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A brain implant that stimulates the brain's pleasure centers. While it dramatically improves a user's mood, the blanket of happiness makes it hard to concentrate on anything real. Joywires are illegal on many worlds, and are known for destroying whole cultures.

Medical ItemImplant

Base Stats

Market Value
Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

The joywire implant grants a permanent +30 mood boost. However, the bearer suffers a permanent -20% to consciousness.The consciousness penalty can be partially offset by putting the bearer on Luciferium, but this isn't recommended until you've got a reliable trade partner faction (ideally Outlanders) and a sustainable economy, such as manufacturing and selling Flake.

Due to the heavy debuff, it is only recommended for colonists who will often go on mental breaks due to poor mood, and are generally not vital to the colony's survival. However, alongside implants that boost consciousness from mods (unfortunately they have yet to be added in official content), it becomes a powerful tool to keep a particular colonist's mood up.