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Glitterworld medicine.png

Glitterworld medicine

A kit of advanced ultra-tech medical supplies, probably manufactured on a distant glitterworld. It contains advanced polymorphic drugs, nanite diagnostic and healing assisters, a mini-imager, and various multi-use tools.

Herbal medicine.png

Herbal medicine

A pack of herbal concoctions typically extracted from the healroot plant. It is less potent than industrial pharmaceuticals, but much better than nothing.



A kit of industrial-era medical equipment. It contains basic drugs, tools for suturing and bone setting, diagnostic devices, and various pads and fluids.



A synthetic precursor chemical. Useless on its own, many drugs require neutroamine as an ingredient.

Neutroamine is an item only available from traders and cargo pods. It can be combined with herbal medicine and cloth to create standard medicine, or synthesize various drugs with it at a drug lab, such as Penoxycyline and wake-up.

Body Parts

Artificial Organ.png

Aesthetic nose

The nose is shaped to the user's desired form, matching prevalent beauty standards and enhancing physical impressions.

Artificial Organ.png

Aesthetic shaper

A sophisticated package of hormonal and mechanite influences shapes the muscles and fat on the body, adding non-functional aesthetic tissue where needed to achieve a desired appearance. The implant can be configured to form various body shapes according to the user's taste - or that of their partner.

Artificial Organ.png

Archotech arm

An artifical arm built by an archotech. It's strong enough to crush a thick hardwood branch in its hand, and precise enough to write a sonnet on a grain of rice. It looks and feels like natural flesh, but it's harder to damage than plasteel. Even if it is harmed, it repairs itself over time. Its internal workings are a mystery to all human minds.

Artificial Organ.png

Archotech eye

An artificial eye built by an archotech. It perceives every type of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, infrared, light, x-rays, and gamma rays. Its visual acuity is precise enough to read handwriting from twenty meters away. It can emit various wavelengths of radiation like a flashlight, and has an internal subpersona AI which helps highlight useful visual information. Externally, it looks like a natural human eye, except it can change color at will. Its internal workings are a mystery to all human minds.

Artificial Organ.png

Archotech leg

An artificial leg built by an archotech. It looks and feels like natural flesh, but a pair of these can move the user as fast as a decent car, and it's harder to damage than plasteel. Even if it is harmed, it repairs itself over time. its internal workings are a mystery to all human minds.

Artificial Organ.png

Armorskin gland

This bionic gland releases chemicals and nanomachines that toughen the skin and add flexible subdermal keratin plates at strategic points. This makes the user more resistant to damage across their whole body. Unfortunately, These changes make the skin appear leathery, with wrinkles across the whole body and face, which is generally considered ugly.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic arm

An advanced artificial arm. Silenced mini-servos give great strength, while the biogel nerve-link gives exquisite control. A lattice-dust healing system allows it to recover from damage. It is better than a biological arm in almost every way.

A bionic arm is a very useful replacement for a natural arm. They are universal and can be installed on either left or right shoulders (despite its name). It has 125% efficiency, increasing a colonist's manipulation by 12.5% for each bionic arm installed. A bionic arm's strength gives its bearer a melee attack of 12 damage when an attack uses that arm, compared to 8 damage from a natural arm. An installed bionic arm will replace a colonist's arm up to and including the shoulder. They can be crafted at a fabrication bench for 15 Plasteel plasteel and 4 Advanced component advanced components and are sometimes offered for sale by exotic traders and at Outlander bases.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic ear

An advanced artificial ear implant. A collection of invisible subdermal microphones capture sound and transmit it to a biogel nerve interface that links directly with the auditory nerve. It's sensitive enough to hear a cat before you see it, can't be damaged by loud noise, and automatically tunes itself to pick out meaningful sounds in noisy environments.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic eye

An advanced artifical[sic] eye. With its biogel nerve-link, internal signal pre-processor, and wide-spectrum sensors, it is better than a biological eye in almost every way. A lattice-dust healing system allows it to recover from damage.

A Bionic eye is an artificial eye that can replace a natural one through implant surgery. Unlike their natural counterparts, bionic eyes do not scar. They have 125% efficiency, which on average increases a colonist's sight by 12.5% for each one installed.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic heart

An advanced artificial heart. It has synthetic muscle fibers for a realistic heartbeat, plus a high-flow pump for rapid circulation during high stress. It is better than a biological heart in almost every way.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic leg

"An advanced artificial leg. With its biogel nerve-link, powerful mini-servos, and lattice-dust healing system, it is better than a biological leg in almost every way."

Bionic legs can be installed on a colonist to replace a missing or damaged leg, including the foot. It has 125% efficiency, increasing a colonist's move speed by 12.5% for each one installed.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic spine

An advanced artificial spine. A biogel nerve bundle runs down an articulated plasteel core, surrounded by a lattice-dust healing system. It matches the performance of a biological spine.

Artificial Organ.png

Bionic stomach

"An advanced artificial stomach. A set of sensors and chemical synthesizers effectively digest any energy-bearing foodstuff. An integrated lattice-dust healing system automatically repairs any damage caused by the powerful acids. It is better than a biological stomach in every way."

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Template:Body Part


Artificial Organ.png

Circadian assistant

An artificial gland. Produces chemicals and nanomachines that clear toxin buildup from the brain.

Artificial Organ.png

Circadian half-cycler

A signal redirector which isolates half of the brain, allowing the other half to sleep while the user remains outwardly awake. By alternating brain halves, the user never needs to sleep. Unfortunately, two hemispheres are better than one - working half a brain causes a reduction in consciousness.

Artificial Organ.png


Releases coagulating factors in response to blood loss, reducing bleeding rates significantly.

Artificial Organ.png

Cochlear implant

An implant which replaces normal hearing. An external microphone transmits a sound signal to electrodes wrapped around the inner ear's auditory sensing nerves. The electrodes stimulate the nerves according to the sound, creating a sensation of hearing. It's not as good as a natural ear, but it's a lot better than being deaf.

Artificial Organ.png


An installed denture.

Artificial Organ.png

Detoxifier stomach

An artificial stomach replacement with a broad-spectrum toxin filter and neutralization system. it allows the user to eat almost anything without ever worrying about food poisoning

Artificial Organ.png

Drill arm

A mechanical arm replacement for speeding up mining. It has a built-in snake drill, which allows the miner to rapidly find and exploit weak lines in the rock. It also has a general-purpose manipulator. It is somewhat ungainly, which slows down movement slightly.

Artificial Organ.png

Elbow blade

A razor-sharp blade that extends at will from a hidden opening at the end of the ulna. Appearing without warning, it can be used for devastating slice attacks.

Artificial Organ.png

Field hand

This mechanical hand replacement is made to speed up the sowing and harvesting tasks of a farmer. Multiple telescoping finger-like protrusions can simultaneously harvest from several points on the same plant, or precisely sow several holes at once. It also has a general-purpose manipulator. It is somewhat ungainly, which slows down movement slightly.

Artificial Organ.png


This bionic nose implant enhances the sense of smell, with a focus towards food-related smells. A multi-layered ultrafine absorption mesh detects compounds in the air. A microprocessor formats the readings into an olfactory nerve signal to send to the brain through a nerve-link interface. The result is that the user can smell foods with a depth, richness, and precision unknown among unenhanced humans, allowing them to cook more effectively. The whole unit is small enough to be installed in the nose without affecting the user's appearance.

Artificial Organ.png

Hand talon

A razor-sharp talon which extends from a hidden opening between the middle and ring fingers. The talon is longer than the palm, but it becomes flexible upon retracting, allowing the user to curl it up and conceal it inside the hand. It can perform rapid slashing attacks, but is poor at penetrating armor.

Artificial Organ.png

Healing enhancer

Releases nanomachines and healing factors that speed up wound healing. This implant only helps with physical wounds, and does nothing to combat disease or other health problems.



Supplies blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. Ready to find a new owner.

Artificial Organ.png


An analysis computer inspects the bloodstream, classifies pathogens, and rapidly prompts the body's natural immune system to respond to them faster than it could alone. This speeds immunity gain significantly.



Filters and removes waste products from the blood.

Artificial Organ.png

Knee spike

A spike that extends at will from a hidden opening on the front of the knee. Appearing without warning, it can be used for devastating stabbing attacks which penetrate even thick armor.

Artificial Organ.png

Learning assistant

A sensory recording system that replays important experiences during sleep, strengthening the formation of new memories.



Plays an important role in metabolism.

Artificial Organ.png

Love enhancer

Humans have always tried to use every new technology to enhance sexual satisfaction. Bionics were no exception. This implant makes physical and chemical changes to the body which enhance the experience of lovin' for both partners - both physically and psychologically. The implant unit can adapt to enhance both men and women upon being implanted.



Essential part of the respiratory system.

Artificial Organ.png


Inflicts continuous pain on the user. Mindscrews are used by some authorities as a long-term punishment. Some even install them voluntarily as a demonstration of ideological or religious devotion.

Artificial Organ.png


A non-intelligent microcomputer controlled by a visual/tactile neural interface. It assists with memory and calculation, like a calculator and notepad embedded in the brain.

Artificial Organ.png

Nuclear stomach

A micro-nuclear reactor combined with complex chemical synthesis replaces the body's need for food energy. Food is required only to replace matter lost from the body, reducing the user's intake needs significantly. This artificial stomach cannot get food poisoning. However, there is little room to the shield the reactor [sic], so the radiation increases the risk of cancer.



A brain implant which inhibits nociception, or pain sensation. While it does allow the user to accomplish more, it turns out pain has a purpose. When you don't feel it, you can get hurt really bad really easily.

A Painstopper is a brain implant that will completely eliminate a colonist's pain and any pain-related mood effects.

Artificial Organ.png

Power claw

A combat-oriented hand replacement consisting of a mechanical hand with a hooked claw on each finger. It cuts deep, and it is strong enough to crush a skull like a hand crushes an egg. The claws can be retracted, making it as useful as a natural hand for non-combat tasks, however its overall ungainlyness[sic] slows down movement slightly.

Power claws are powerful bionic hand replacements. A power claw can only be installed on a natural arm. If a power claw is installed on an arm which then gets replaced with an artificial arm, the claw will be removed and boxed for reuse. A power claw deals 22 damage compared to 8 damage from a fist and slows movement by 8%.

Artificial Organ.png

Prosthetic arm

An arm prosthesis. While it lacks a neural interface, its complex arrangement of internal joints allows it to mimic natural movement quite convincingly. Still, it is inferior to a real arm.

Simple prosthetic arms can sometimes be purchased from traders. A simple prosthetic arm has 50% efficiency. Therefore, one simple prosthetic arm and one healthy arm provide 75% manipulation. Having two simple prosthetic arms provide 50% manipulation.

Artificial Organ.png

Prosthetic heart

A heart prosthesis. It contains an electric motor that pumps blood smoothly around the body. Users often report feeling tired, but it's better than the alternative.

Artificial Organ.png

Prosthetic leg

Simple prosthesis made to replace missing leg. Not very comfortable but quite efficient.

A prosthetic leg reduces a colonist's mobility to 92.5% while having one healthy leg. Two prosthetic legs provide 85% mobility. They are much better than a peg leg but a discount version of a bionic leg.

Artificial Organ.png

Psychic harmonizer

This brain implant projects the user's mood in a spherical psychic field, forcing others nearby to feel a blurred, simplified version of their emotions. It can be an powerful tool to keep morale high, but if the user becomes unhappy, it can lead to collective disaster.

Artificial Organ.png

Psychic reader

Gives limited mind-reading ability, improving the user's ability to get the upper hand in negotiations and social situations. The effect is proportional to the user's psychic sensitivity.

Artificial Organ.png

Psychic sensitizer

This brain implant stimulates growth in the regions of the brain related to psychic interaction, thus increasing psychic sensitivity.

Artificial Organ.png

Psychic silencer

An archotech device that masks unintentional psychic emissions, rendering them undetectable. As a side effect, it also induces chronic pain. This kind of implant is used by criminal psycasters, wildcasters, and bladelink users to avoid detection by authorities.


Psylink neuroformer

An archotech device that links the brain to a larger psychic field. With training in specific abilities, the user can throw psycasts with diverse effects. This implant can be upgraded through several levels. Higher levels permit the use of more powerful psycasts. The psychic amplifier can be self-installed by one person with no chance of failure. The user presses the unit into their skull, where it inserts its neural tendrils and binds itself to the bone. Removing it requires a surgeon.Imperial laws restrict the use of the psychic amplifier to specific royal titles. Illegal use of the amplifier runs the risk of having your psychic signature detected and causing diplomatic consequences.

Artificial Organ.png

Reprocessor stomach

An advanced chemical processing system breaks down nutrients the body could normally never use, leading to increased efficiency.

Artificial Organ.png

Stoneskin gland

This bionic gland releases chemicals and nanomachines that transform the user's skin into a built-in suit of armor. The whole epidermis thickens and hardens to resist burns, while jointed exterior keratin plates form everywhere they can - including the head and face. While it's very difficult to physically hurt someone using this implant, the plates and hard skin significantly reduces the user's physical attractiveness.

Artificial Organ.png

Toughskin gland

This bionic gland releases chemicals and nanomachines that toughen the skin, making it somewhat more resistant to damage. While it doesn't add as much protection as some other skin-hardening glands, the toughskin gland has the advantage of not noticeably altering the user's appearance.

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