Bionic stomach

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Bionic stomach

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"An advanced artificial stomach. A set of sensors and chemical synthesizers effectively digest any energy-bearing foodstuff. An integrated lattice-dust healing system automatically repairs any damage caused by the powerful acids. It is better than a biological stomach in every way."

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Base Stats

Market Value
Max Hit Points

Stat Modifiers

A bionic stomach is an organ replacement that has 125% efficiency, increases metabolism by 25%.

It can be purchased from a trader or crafted with 10 plasteel and 3 advanced components.


It can be used to instantly treat gut worms as the new bionic stomach replaces the diseased part. With it installed, further infections are also prevented.

The increased metabolism from a bionic stomach slightly improves the rest rate multiplier by about 8%, meaning the colonist will require less sleep. The bionic stomach is a cheaper way to reduce time sleeping than upgrading to a royal bed, however both can be combined.

Of all the bionic parts in the game, excluding the spine, it is likely the least useful, only improving rest rate multiplier. However, it is still worth installing if there is one to hand, as this bonus is still significant.

Eating speed and food poisoning chances are unaffected. Unlike its DLC brethren, it does not cause vomiting upon being hit by EMP.


Installing the bionic stomach requires 2 additional medicine, herbal or better.