Psychic harmonizer

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Psychic harmonizer

Psychic harmonizer

This brain implant projects the user's mood in a spherical psychic field, forcing others nearby to feel a blurred, simplified version of their emotions. It can be an powerful tool to keep morale high, but if the user becomes unhappy, it can lead to collective disaster.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Market Value
1030 Silver.png
4 kg

The Psychic Harmonizer is a special psychic implant that projects the mood of the user to other pawns.

It has a radius of 30 tiles with a maximum positive mood effect of 10 that scales with psychic sensitivity of both the implantee and the subject of the effect. It only impacts members of the same faction and pawns without a psychic harmonizer of their own. Mood bonuses from different harmonizers stack.


It can be an extremely powerful implant to keep your pawns happy if you install it in a pawn who is easily pleased (or alternatively joywired) however as the description states, it can easily cause problems as well.


Several traits lend themselves to use with the the Psychic Harmonizer. Sanguine and Optimist Pawns obviously synergize ideally with this implant, as they are unlikely to be in poor mood unless really injured. Masochists are another choice for the buffs they get from scars and injuries, making hospital visits much nicer. Psychopaths are also good as they are immune to many of the largest mood penalties. The best pawn to have it in is the Body modder, since it counts towards an implant total improving their mood, and by extension everyone else's. Most of these traits' benefits stack, making ideal candidates.

Alternatively the joywire can be installed to keep the mood high, however this comes at a significant detriment to a pawn's effectiveness in almost all matters due to the consciousness penalty.

You could recruit an useless pawn and turn them into a mindless, permanently happy colonist who's only purpose is to provide a permanent +10 mood boost to all nearby. This can be achieved in the mid-to-late game. The pawn should be drugged on flake, yayo, and beer (+85 mood), joywired (+30 mood), and optimally be a nudist without clothes (+20 mood). They can be given a very impressive bedroom (+5), be fed lavish meals (+12), and be on a permanent recreation schedule while sitting on an armchair (+18) to ensure the +10. Drug addictions do not matter, as the pawn is useless anyway. The only problem is, that if the pawn gets sick, the kidney and liver damage may be enough to kill them.

As the effect scales with the psychic sensitivity of the pawn implanted with the harmonizer, another efficient method is to enhance the psychic sensitivity of a pawn. Full set would look like the following: eltex skullcap, eltex shirt, eltex vest, eltex robe, eltex staff, psychic sensitizer, 'Psychically hypersensitive' trait. This significantly increase the mood effect (up to +50 on highly sensitive pawns), but also receive increased modifiers from psychic drones, soothe pulsers and Word of joy psycast.