Bionic heart

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Bionic heart

Bionic heart

An advanced artificial heart. It has synthetic muscle fibers for a realistic heartbeat, plus a high-flow pump for rapid circulation during high stress. It is better than a biological heart in almost every way.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Tech Level
Market Value
1030 Silver
4 kg


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Bionic replacements
Skill Required
Crafting 8
Work To Make
26,000 ticks (7.22 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel 15 + Advanced component 4
TechHediff, Bionic

The bionic heart is an artificial body part that replaces the heart and improves blood pumping, giving a small boost to a wide range of stats and tasks.


Bionic hearts can be crafted at a fabrication bench once the bionic replacements research project has been completed. Each requires Plasteel 15 Plasteel, Advanced component 4 Advanced components, 26,000 ticks (7.22 mins) of work modified by the general labor speed of the crafter, and a crafting skill of 8.

They can also be found in ancient shrines, offered as a quest reward, or bought from exotic traders, Empire traders, and at Outlander faction bases.


The bionic heart replaces an organic heart and has a part efficiency of 125%, which improves blood pumping by +25%. This increases the Rest Rate Multiplier by about +8%, and Moving by ×105%. The Moving boost is a multiplier, rather than added on, so it further improves other movement increases. For example, 125% Moving, reached with 2 bionic legs, will be increased to 131% (125% * 1.05) rather than 130% (125% + 5%). Moving, in turn, affects the following stats: Hunting Stealth, Melee Dodge Chance, Move Speed. For further details, see those pages.

Artificial hearts are also immune to heart attacks and artery blockages, preventing future cases and curing existing ones.

By installing a bionic heart, the pawn's natural heart, if perfectly healthy, is harvested without a penalty. This organic heart can then be sold or stored for later use.


Installing the part requires 2,500 ticks (41.67 secs) of work, 2x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 5.

Removing the part requires 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work, 1x medicine of herbal quality or better, and has no Medical skill requirements.

If the operation fails, the part will be destroyed.


Like bionic stomachs, bionic hearts are of less obvious importance than bionic legs, arms or eyes due to its less impactful stat boosts. Even though the bonuses are small, faster sleep and movement help improve the productivity of a colonist. The movement speed in particular can make a difference when fleeing animals or mechanoids, and can be installed after legs. The bionic heart also stops and prevents heart attacks, which makes it very useful for wake-up users or old people, especially if they already have an artery blockage.

Unlike the prosthetic heart or a natural, biological heart, there is not a 25% chance of instant death in the event of failed installation. This makes it significantly safer to install. It also only requires a medical skill of 5 compared to the organic heart's 8. The prosthetic is lower still, requiring only 4.

Installing a bionic heart on a healthy patient grants a natural heart, worth Silver 1200. This is more than the bionic heart, worth Silver 1030. This means the surgery is theoretically profitable. Along with Detoxifier lungsContent added by the Biotech DLC, Bionic hearts are the only artificial part which has a lower market value than their natural counterpart while also being strictly superior to their natural counterpart.

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