Grand archotech structure

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Grand archotech structure

Grand archotech structure

A grand archotech structure of towering height and impressive bulk. The shape is hard to perceive, and the surfaces seem to flow when stared at too long. It could have appeared moments ago, or been here thousands of years. It emanates intense psychic influence, forcing thoughts and perceptions directly into the mind of anyone who ventures too close. The emanations are not aggressive, but they are utterly alien and impossible to ignore. Sensations unlinked from time or space, the endless rumination of an inhuman mind a billion times larger - the weak-minded lose themselves quickly under. Only the psychically-deaf are immune.

Base Stats



9 × 9

Grand archotech structure is a structure added by the Ideology DLC. It acts as an intermediate step towards the endquest The Archonexus.

They are one of a number of archotech structures alongside the archotech tower, major archotech structure, and archonexus core.


As the major archotech structure, but with more time required to study it.

A grand archotech structure is always surrounded by 8 Archotech towers at the start of the new map. It is invulnerable to any form of attack and cannot be destroyed by any means, and functions as a requirement for the player to advance through the said quest by sending a pawn to study it (3200 progress is needed)

Archotech emanation[edit]

Colonists standing nearby that are not psychically deaf will be affected by a base -7 "Archotech Emanation" mood debuff as long as they stand close to it. It reads: "It pays no attention to me but I sense the edge of its perception. Flashes of terrifying timeless sight. Hard to ignore." Psychic sensitivity affects the magnitude of the debuff. The area affected is an octagon 35 tiles plus one extra tile in each cardinal direction.

If a colonist is standing within 5 tiles of the structure, they will get a base -14 mood debuff instead. This debuff shares the same "Archotech Emanation" name as the lesser -7 debuff, but the description of the debuff will change to read "It makes me perceive so much. Eyeless knowledge of absolute existence, all minds speaking and dying and birthing at once. It's hard not to lose connection with myself." This debuff, other than the different description and greater penalty, functions identically to the lesser debuff.

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