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The physical form of techprints can range from scraps of paper with diagrams, all the way to advanced self-contained teaching machines. Regardless of form, they play the same role. They give your researchers the confidence that an idea is possible, and a rough idea of the designs in more established societies. Your researchers need the foundational knowledge offered by techprints to know where to start on a given technology. Only after enough techprints have been applied can your researchers work out the fine details of how to make use of the technology in your particular situation. Applying techprints to a satisfied project fulfills half the remaining research progress. In addition, researchers always gain a boost to their intellectual skills when applying techprints, even on already-completed technologies.

Exotic Item
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Base Stats

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Stat Modifiers

Techprints are an item used in research to unlock some research projects.


Techprints can be bought off Caravans and Trading ships, or obtained as a quest reward. They can also be found inside ancient shrines.


Upon use, a researcher will bring the techprint to a research bench of any sort and proceed to consume it, gaining 2000 research XP in the process. This is affected by researcher passion.

Note that applying the techprint does not require that prerequisite research be finished, or even the appropriate stuctures (e.g. hi-tech research bench, multi-analyzer).


These are the different technologies you can obtain Techprints for with the Royalty DLC active:

  • Artificial Metabolism
  • Brain Wiring
  • Cataphract Armor
  • Circadian Influence
  • Compact Weaponry
  • Flesh Shaping
  • Healing Factors
  • Molecular Analysis
  • Neural Computation
  • Poison Synthesis
  • Specialized Limbs
  • Skin Hardening

Currently no research projects in the base game require techprints.

Version history

  • 1.1 - added
  • 1.1.2647 - it has been changed to no longer work without the Royalty DLC. Previously mods could add research requiring techprints, even without the DLC.