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Previous Version: Version/1.4.3557
Released on: 24 November 2022
Next Version: Version/1.4.3563
Released on: 30 November 2022

Released on: 25 November 2022

Version 1.4.3558 is up now on the unstable (and now stable) branch!

  • Tribal babies becoming children get natural meditation focus.
  • Reworked how many beggars show up depending on colony population.
  • Added a new "core" reward tag for common vanilla quest rewards to avoid having them dilluted by future additions.
  • Updated the reward frequency for various items. Add flatscreen TV, telescrope, gladius, and recurve bow as quest rewards. Remove revolver, double bed, and slab bed.
  • Increased the weights for for high and mid frequency quest rewards. Reduce the weighting for empire-specific category rewards.
  • Fix: Planting JobDef located in Ideology instead of Core.
  • Fix: Mechlink item not saved properly. Causes errors.