Ancient exostrider midsection

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Ancient exostrider midsection

Ancient exostrider midsection

The remains of a massive, ancient exostrider war mechanoid. Long ago, some high-energy weapon shattered the body and fused the parts into an almost-solid mass.
In its guts, it looks like there is a still-functional transponder. If you could extract the transponder, you could decrypt it to gather valuable information.
The mech's incendiary weapon cells are intact but unstable, and will likely detonate after you do some damage.

Base Stats

Path Cost


3 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Destroy yield
Steel slag chunk 6 + Mechanoid transponder 1

Ancient exostrider midsection are ruins added by the Biotech DLC. Upon destruction, it will explode into flames and leave behind a mechanoid transponder.


The ancient exostrider midsection spawns with 1 ancient exostrider head, 1 ancient exostrider cannon, and 3 ancient exostrider legs nearby.

Once a pawn walks within 4 tiles of it, a letter will appear:

Passing near the remains of an ancient exostrider mechanoid, <PAWN> noticed an intact transponder inside.
If you could get the transponder, you could read valuable information from it. The massive mech is smashed and fused into a solid piece. You must destroy it to retrieve the transponder.
Be careful - the incendiary weapon cells look unstable and will likely detonate after you do some damage.

When damaged below 17% of its health, it will start leaking puddles of chemfuel before exploding after 589 ticks (9.82 secs), dealing Flame damage in a 5 tile radius around itself and setting fire to all affected tiles.

Destruction will yield 6 steel slag chunks and a mechanoid transponder. The transponder can then be decrypted at a simple research bench or hi-tech research bench. Upon decryption, the transponder will be destroyed and a quest will trigger, allowing you to call a ship to land on the map. The ship will contain a few hostile mechanoid and a desiccated mechanitor corpse. The mechlink can then be extracted from the mechanitor corpse. For further details, see the mechanoid transponder page.

Note that exostrider parts will not spawn in the Mechanitor starting scenario.


Destroying the ancient exostrider midsection to obtain its transponder is a quick and straightforward way to find a mechlink and become a mechanitor.

One should exercise caution when destroying it however, as the resulting explosion could easily set your pawns or the surrounding environment ablaze, causing much destruction. Preferrably, one should keep multiple pawns on standby nearby to deal with the fires so they don't spread out of control. Be sure to zone a home area around the fires to aid in firefighting. Pawns will have enough time to escape the explosion if melee attacking the midsection as long as they move shortly after the fuse begins. But if wanting to minimize risk, ranged weaponry should be used instead.


Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC - Added.
  • 1.4.3528 - Fix: Ancient exostrider remains are failing to generate in swamp maps.