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Sanguophages are an exceptionally rare and powerful xenotype with a deathly intolerance to heat and sunlight. They use their superhuman powers to satiate their genetic need for human blood.


The first sanguophage appeared thousands of years ago when the lord-explorer Varan-Dur sought to control a hyperintelligent archotech and found himself transformed by it instead. Every sanguophage is descended from him. Since then, sanguophages have often been hunted because of their destabilizing power and their need for blood. Since they can pass for baseliners, many live in hiding among typical humans.

Their numbers are unknown. Some think they are legends or rare irrelevancies. Some believe sanguophages secretly direct entire human civilizations. The stories speak of eternal lords ruling billions from slate-black space stations, or directing blood sacrifices at conferences in the underlayers of the deepest urbworlds'.' - Biotech preview #4: Xenotypes, world factions, and the dark blood-drinkers


Sanguophages are a mysterious but powerful group of xenohumans. They have no distinguishing looks from other xenohumans, so they blend in at first glance. Once selected, their differences are immediately apparent, from their hemogen and deathrest trackers at the bottom of the screen, to their unique abilities and immense genetic differences. Sanguophages have a genetic complexity of 57 and their xenogerm contains 8 archite capsules, while other xenohumans have far less complexity and don't require any capsules. Sanguophage metabolic efficiency is 0, not affecting their hunger rate in any way.


Sanguophage genes are xenogenes and are only obtainable through genetic implantation, either through their gene implanter ability or through gene extractors.


  • Bloodfeeder gives the ability to feed on another pawn's blood
  • Coagulate allows them to quickly tend wounds
  • Gene Implanter lets them implant a copy of their xenogerm into another pawn
  • Longjump legs lets them jump a far distance
  • Piercing spine is a combat ability, allowing them to shoot small spikes into targets nearby


  • Ageless
  • Archite Metabolism
  • Deathless
  • Non-senescent
  • Perfect Immunity
  • Scarless
  • Hemogenic
  • Hemogen drain
  • Deathrest
  • Superfast wound healing
  • Psy-sensitive
  • Fast Runner
  • Tox Immunity
  • Mild UV Sensitivity
  • Tinderskin
  • Pyrophobia
  • Aggressive
  • Strong melee damage
  • Low sleep
  • Robust
  • Pretty
  • Dark vision


  • Strong melee
  • Strong social
  • Strong intellectual


Sanguophages can be obtained in multiple ways.
Sanguophage scenario : You start the game with a Sanguophage.
Recruitment: You capture and recruit a Sanguophage, or one joins as a wanderer.
Gene implant : You can force Sanguophages to use their gene implant ability on one of your pawns if they are captured or downed. Select the desired pawn to gain these abilities, and then right-click on the sanguophage and choose the "Absorb xenogerm" option. If the sanguophage's genes are currently regrowing, this will kill them.
Quest : You allow 3 or more Sanguophages hold a meeting at your colony. One of the quest rewards will allow you to choose a pawn to be implanted with Sanguophage genes.



Version history

  • 1.4.3534 - Fix: Error on drafting pawn with hemogenic ability gene with no hemogen gene.