Phoebe Chillax

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Phoebe Chillax

Phoebe Chillax

Phoebe gives lots of time between disasters to relax and build your colony. But beware - if she's set at a high challenge scale, she'll hit as hard as anyone.

Base Stats

AI Storytellers

Phoebe Chillax, is a storyteller whose main characteristic is the long break between challenges, leaving the player with enough time to rest and recover after an event, and live without much to worry about. This gives new players a more relaxed experience to get familiar with the game. However, long breaks between raids can lead to surprising spikes of difficulty.


While Phoebe will "hit as hard as anyone," Cassandra is objectively a more difficult storyteller - she sends more threats more often. For comparison, Phoebe can never send 2 raids in quick succession, always taking anywhere from 8 to 24 days between major threats. What this description means is that a large raid at Losing is Fun won't be any easier just because you picked a different storyteller. It's also possible to overestimate yourself, and be hit by a large raid you weren't prepared for.

When playing with Phoebe, in the beginning its always likely to gain one or two more colonists, typically a wanderer. A trade caravan or two shall also arrive before completing a full season (15 days).

Code specifics[edit]

Major Threats

Phoebe's cycle begins on day 13 in her 8 day "On" phase. During the "On" phase there is always 1 major threat sent. Phoebe alternates between 8 day "On" phases and 8 day "Off" phases. The dates of these phases are always the same. Phoebe always begins the first "On" phase on day 13 and the first "Off" phase begins on day 21. Rimworld days begin at hour 6.

These On and Off cycles are the same after saving and reloading the game, on multiple map tiles, and when changing storytellers.

On Cycle Start On Cycle End
13 21
29 37
45 53
61 69
77 85
Previous +16 Previous +16

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