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Randy Random

Randy Random

Randy doesn't follow rules. He'll generate random events, and he doesn't care if they make a story of triumph or utter hopelessness. It's all drama to him.

Base Stats

AI Storytellers

Randy Random, is a wild storyteller whose main characteristic is triggering challenges at any time, to the extent of launching several dangerous threats all at the same time or consecutively. Randy also multiplies his Raid Points by 0.5x to 1.5x, resulting in both easier and harder difficulty raids than you should be receiving. It is possible to receive back-to-back raids at 1.5x but also a quadrum of relative peace with a 0.5x raid.

In the long-term, Randy will average about as many threats sent as Cassandra.

Code specifics[edit]

Randy fires events at an average of 1.35 a day. Not all events are fired via Randy. Some events, like quests, are fired separately and not controlled by Randy's firing mechanism.

Randy checks if an event can be fired once every 1,000 game ticks. That 1,000 game ticks is the equivalent to 60 times a Rimworld day or 2.5 times a Rimworld hour. If Randy has not fired a major threat after 13 days, the next Randy fired event becomes a major threat.