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Genies are a xenohuman breed that's cool as a cucumber, with the social skills of one too. Designed to be engineers, they are great at crafting and researching, but sacrifice farming and social skills for these talents.


Designed to be engineers, genies' delicate bones and natural aptitude with machines allow them to manipulate devices with remarkable precision. They are emotionally cold and can follow orders where others might panic. However, they are fragile, and their amplified nerve impulses make them easy to debilitate with relatively little pain. With so much of their brains dedicated to analyzing machines, they lack the neural hardware to analyze emotions, so they sometimes come off as socially inept. Their dead calm makes it even harder for them to relate to what they see as madly-hotheaded baseliner humans.
Genies were engineered thousands of years ago by a long-disbanded space navy to hold engineering positions on large starships. Today, genies still serve as engineers in great cities and fleets, but many can also be found working as lawyers, pilots, and musicians.
- In Game Description


Genies blend in more than many other xenotypes, but they always are hairless, with slight bodies. Their genes are non-hereditary xenogenes, like their aggressive super-soldier counterparts, hussars. Genies have a gene complexity of 11 and metabolic efficiency of +1, giving them a hunger rate of x90%.


Genies are designed to be peaceful, skilled workers. All genies have these xenogenes:


  • Dead calm
  • Delicate
  • Extra pain
  • Elongated fingers


  • No hair
  • Beardless
  • Thin body


  • Great crafting
  • Great intellectual
  • Poor plants
  • Poor animals
  • Awful social


Genies are delicate, driven people. You are most likely to find them with groups from the Empire, but they have a small chance of appearing with Outlander Unions or Pirates. Since genies are engineered through their xenogenes, you cannot obtain a genie through reproduction, and should recruit one instead.