Toxipotato plant

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Toxipotato plant

Toxipotato plant

A genetically-engineered variant of potato adapted for growing in polluted areas. Compared to regular potatoes, toxipotatoes take less time to grow but yield a meager harvest of food. When eaten raw, they have a high chance of causing food poisoning. In spite of this, they have saved many settlers from starvation after toxic events.

Base Stats

0 (1)
Path Cost



Plant Stats

Time to grow
4.9 days (9.05 days)
Work to Sow
170 ticks (2.83 secs)
Work to Harvest
200 ticks (3.33 secs)
Base Harvest Yield
7 Toxipotatoes
Min Fertility
Fertility Sensitivity
Min light to grow
Ground, Hydroponic

The toxipotato plant is a domesticated plant added by the Biotech DLC. It notably must be planted on polluted terrain; Toxipotatoes cannot be grown on unpolluted terrain and will rapidly die if planted on a tile that is subsequently cleaned of pollution.


  • Ground Type Gravel Soil Rich Soil Hydroponics
    Fertility (%) 70 100 140 280
    Real Grow Time (days)[1] 9.05 9.05 9.05 9.05
    Base Yield/day[2] 0.77 0.77 0.77 0.77
    1. Actual days to grow, taking into account rest time.
    2. Per plant, assuming Crop Yield Multiplier of 1.0.
      Note that Difficulty settings change the Crop Yield Multiplier.
  • Analysis[edit]

    Toxipotato plants are inferior to both potato plants and rice plants. Regular potato plants give 1.03 yield/day (+33%) in regular soil, and have +57% yield per unit work. Rice plants give 1.08 yield/day (+40%) in regular soil, and while slightly worse for work, their faster grow time means that rice is a more stable food crop.

    Therefore, the primary advantage of toxipotatoes is that they can be grown in polluted soil. You would have to have no unpolluted soil anywhere close to your base for toxipotatoes to be worth it. And even then, you could clean up and move the pollution elsewhere, unless the map is 100% polluted. While these plants can grow on polluted hydroponics basins, due to their fertility sensitivity of 0%, toxipotatoes do not grow any faster in one.

    Toxipotatoes have a 4% chance of causing food poisoning, double that of other raw vegetables. There is no difference once cooked in any way.

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