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Pigskins are a xenotype, genetically engineered for their organs.


Human-pig hybrids, Pigskins were initially created for organ-harvesting operations by a long-gone government that was uncomfortable with the thought of exploiting baseliners. However, they found success in their attempt to merge human DNA with that of a pig - to make easier transplantable organs such as hearts and lungs - creating a more humanlike being than anticipated.

They retain similar characteristics to baseliners; capable of speech, tool usage and bipedal movement. However, they do maintain piglike elements. Pigskins have a robust digestive system and can eat almost anything without getting sick, however, a notable drawback of the xenotype is their trotter-shaped hands that make it more difficult to manipulate tools and objects and their nearsightedness results in their preference for close-range - or explosive - weaponry.


  • Looks


Trotter-shaped hands

Piglike ears

Hulking or Fat body

  • Body


Strong Stomach

Robust Digestion

Piglike voice

Poor Cooking

Reduced Pain

Strong immunity

Rough Pig Unions

Pigskins congregate and usually form factions known as the rough pig union. Essentially, a loose alliance of rugged pigskin townships that prefer to interact with their own kind - but, have been known to make friends with 'thinsnouts'. However, they're far more ready to toss a bomb and gnaw human gristle when it suits them, which is their general approach unless one cosies up to them. Earn their respect, and they'd be a worthwhile ally, reading to offer a trotter to those they think of as friends.