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Hussars are a xenotype, genetically engineered to act as super-soldiers. They are great fighters, but bad at most other things and dependent on go-juice.


Hussars are engineered soldiers. They fight aggressively and with precision, heal fast, thrive in extreme temperatures, and freely ingest military drugs. They have a genetic dependence on the drug go-juice, which also makes them less likely to rebel against their commanders.
While hussars' emotions make them dangerous in combat, they can't relate to baseliner humans. They are famous for their blood-red eyes and "hussar stare", a dead expression that unsettles many people. Their lack of expression and burning aggressive nature has led to many violent misunderstandings.
In most societies where they live, hussars are kept separated from the rest of the population. Hussars are single-purpose tools - and they generally aren't bothered by the fact.
- In Game Description


Hussars are made, not born. Their special traits come from their xenogenes, giving them about 17 complexity, and +2 metabolic efficiency, for a x80% hunger rate.

Overall, their genes help them last longer and perform better in combat, at the cost of many other skills. They are genetically dependent on go-juice, with major consequences if their need is not met: they will start feeling mood effects after 5 days without it, will fall into a coma after 30 days without, and will die after 60 days of deprivation. Hussars can be immediately noticeable by their glowing red eyes.


All hussars have these xenogenes:


  • Superfast wound healing
  • Psychically deaf
  • Cold tolerant
  • Heat tolerant
  • Partial antitoxic lungs
  • Hyper-aggressive
  • Reduced pain
  • Unstoppable
  • Go-juice dependency


  • Red eyes
  • Short-haired
  • Standard or Hulk body


  • Great shooting
  • Great melee
  • Awful plants
  • Awful animals
  • Awful artistic
  • Awful social


Since you cannot pass Hussar characteristics on through reproduction, you must capture or recruit a hussar to your base instead. Right now, Hussars are most likely to be found among Empire parties, but have a small chance of showing up with Outlanders or Pirates. You can also chance upon them within groups of travelers and merchants. You may find Hussar children, but they will not feel the ill-effects of their go-juice dependency until they turn 13.