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Dirtmoles are a xenotype, genetically engineered to live underground.


With gray skin adapted to artificial light, dirtmoles thrive in cramped and dark spaces where combat and travel happen over short distances. They are extremely capable at digging or mining tasks. In the open, however, they suffer from a sensitivity to light, slow speed and poor eyesight at distance.

After the first tunnel colonies failed due to the stress of confinement, colonization agencies began genetically altering colonists to live without open space or sunlight. This xenotype are known colloquially as dirtmoles. Today, dirtmoles have expanded out of their original tunnel homes and rule many confined spaces in the anthrosphere. They can be found in deep mines, cramped low-tech spacecraft, and teeming by the billions in the dark underlayers of countless urbworlds. - In Game Description



  • Fast wound healing
  • Slow runner
  • Intense UV sensitivity
  • Strong melee damage
  • Nearsighted
  • Dark vision


  • Gray eyes
  • Light gray skin


  • Great mining


The genes of the dirtmole xenotype makes it an excellent choice for underground bases. Because they have dark vision, there is no need to invest in lights. Slow runner gives an incentive to keep the base small, and to let the fight come to you in case of raids. Enemies will move slower in darkness, which makes the dirtmoles move relatively faster when there is no light. Indoor distances are also shorter, which helps with nearsighted. Strong melee damage makes it win most 1 versus 1 fights, and fast wound healing helps healing the wounds quickly.

Compared to some other genotypes, the dirtmole has no big skill disadvantage (e.g., weak plants). Intense UV sensitivity, nearsighted, and slow runner are largely offset by the living underground, which can be achieved quickly because of the great mining skill. In the rare circumstance that the dirtmole needs to go outside, it is preferred they do so at night.

Synergy with other DLC

Dirtmoles synergize well with the tunneler ideoligion.