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A small work mechanoid designed to craft all manner of manufactured objects.

Base Stats

Market Value
800 Silver


Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat

Pawn Stats

Move Speed
3.4 c/s
Body Size
42 kg
Pack Capacity
24.5 kg
Carrying Capacity
53 kg
Filth Rate
Comfortable Temp Range
-100 °C – 250 °C (-148 °F – 482 °F)

Melee Combat

6 dmg (Blunt)
9 % AP
2.6 second cooldown
Average DPS


Crafted At
Mech gestator
Required Research
High mechtech
Gestation Cycles
Resources to make
Steel 100 + High subcore 1

A fabricor is a mechanoid added by the Biotech DLC.


Fabricors can be gestated by a mechanitor at a Mech gestator once the High mechtech research project has been completed. They require Steel 100 Steel, High subcore 1 High subcore and 1 gestation cycle taking 1,800 ticks (30 secs) to initiate. They take up 1 bandwidth from their linked mechanitor.

Dead, friendly fabricors can also be resurrected at the mech gestator using the "Resurrect light mechanoid" bill. This requires the corpse of the friendly Fabricor, Steel 25 steel, and 1 gestation cycle taking 1,800 ticks (30 secs) to initiate.


As mechanoids, every fabricor is immune to fire, Flame and Heat damage, and temperature extremes, despite having Comfortable Temperatures defined. They have 100% Toxic Resistance and Toxic Environment Resistance, making them immune to toxic buildup, rot stink and other toxic effects. They do not need to eat, rest, and have no mood. They will be stunned by EMP attacks for a time proportional to the EMP damage inflicted and will "adapt" and rendered immune to further EMP strikes for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs).

Dead fabricors may be shredded at the machining table or crafting spot for Steel 10 steel. However, these values are affected by mechanoid shredding efficiency, as well as missing parts on the fabricor.


Fabricors can only make melee attacks. They have a melee hit chance of 62%, equivalent to a pawn with a Melee skill of 4.

As a labor-focused mech, fabricors are never found in mechanoid raids.

As an ally[edit]

Mechs under player control require power: Fabricors use 10% of their power per day while active. If set to dormant self-charging, they instead recharge for +1% power / day, without pollution. They recharge in a mech recharger (constant 200W), for 50% power/day, creating 5 wastepacks whenever the recharger's waste is filled up.


Fabricors will do most tasks associated with Crafting, Tailoring, Smithing, and Cooking. They have an effective skill of 10 (in all skills), but a Global Work Speed modifier of 50%, producing items 50% slower without items like the mech booster. In the settings for bills, the worker field can be set to "Any Mech", which will only allow mechs to work the bill in question.

If forced to haul, fabricors move at 3.4 c/s, 26% slower than a human, but 21% faster than a lifter.


Fabricors are best at menial crafting for items that are not subject to quality modifiers, such as fabricating components and advanced components, synthesizing drugs, assembling mortar shells, smelting, or carving up stone blocks. With a skill of 10, Fabricors have the minimum possible chance to cause food poisoning. Colonies may have dedicated crafters with 10+ skill by the time Fabricors are created - skilled humans can be reserved for creating weapons, apparel, and other items.

Consider the addition of a mech booster to workshops where Fabricors will be frequently located. More than other mech types, it is easy to dictate where a Fabricor will spend the majority of its time operating, allowing them to fully utilize the mech booster's work speed buff.

In the late game, raiders tend to leave large quantities of smeltable material: weapons, tainted apparel, and steel slag chunks from drop pod raids. Weapons are not worth selling due to their low Sell Price Multiplier, and the others cannot be sold. Fabricors can use a electric smelter to convert these resources into usable metal with high efficiency. They can work near constantly, and because they actively haul objects to the smelter, they can act as their own haulers. They are more expensive than lifters to gestate initially, but fabricors are faster, cost the same amount of bandwidth to control, and they cost the same amount to resurrect. You can use any existing lifters for these hauling jobs, but don't hesitate to build another fabricor even if they'd have to haul their own items.


Body Parts (Summary)[edit]

Body Part Name Health Quantity Coverage[1] Target Chance[2] Subpart of Internal Capacity[3] Effect if Destroyed/Removed
Thorax 40 1 100% 40% N/A[4] Ex.png - Death
Will never take permanent injury
Neck 30 1 10% 2% Thorax Ex.png Communication Death
Will never take permanent injury
Head 30 1 80% 4.6% Neck Ex.png - Death
Will never take permanent injury
Artificial Brain 10 1 10% 0.8% Head Check.png Data Processing Death
Will never take permanent injury
Sight Sensor 10 1 13% 1% Head Ex.png Sight −25% Sight. −100% if both lost.
Will never take permanent injury
Hearing Sensor 10 1 10% 0.8% Head Ex.png Hearing −25% Hearing. −100% if both lost.
Will never take permanent injury
Chemical Analyzer 10 1 10% 0.8% Head Ex.png - Will never take permanent injury
Leg 30 2 20% 16% Thorax Ex.png Moving −50% Moving.
Will never take permanent injury
Foot 20 2 20% 4% Leg Ex.png Moving −50% Moving.
Will never take permanent injury
Reactor 20 1 6% 6% Thorax Check.png Power Generation Death
Will never take permanent injury
Fluid Reprocessor 15 1 4% 4% Thorax Check.png Fluid Reprocessing Death
Will never take permanent injury
  1. Coverage determines the chance to hit this body part. It refers to the percentage of the super-part that this part covers, before its own sub-parts claim their own percentage. For example, if the base coverage of the super-part is 100%, and the coverage of the part is 20%, 20% of hits would hit the part, and 80% the super-part. If the part had its own sub-part with 50% coverage, the chances would be 10% sub-part, 10% part, 80% super part.
  2. Target Chance is the actual chance for each part to be be selected as the target when each part's coverage has been taken into account(I.E. Neck covers 7.5% of Torso but Head covers 80% of Neck so it actually has only a 1.5% chance to be selected). This is not pure hit chance, as different damage types propagate damage in different ways. See that page for details.
  3. Note that capacities can affect other capacities in turn. Only the primary effect is listed. See specific pages for details.
  4. This is the part that everything else connects to to be considered 'connected'.


Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.4.3534 - Given ability to do Cooking tasks.
  • 1.4.3535 - Fix: Food poisoning chance is 100% for fabricors.
  • ? (Prior to 6/Dec/2022) - Fabricors no longer wield slugthrowers.
  • 1.4.3580 - Fix: Fabricor description mentions it has slug gun, which is no longer true. "A small work mechanoid designed to craft all manner of manufactured objects. It is equipped with a small slug gun for light defense." -> "A small work mechanoid designed to craft all manner of manufactured objects.". Fix: Fabricor food poisoning chance is 10x too large.
  • 1.4.3641 - Fix: Fabricors not making medicine.