Deathrest capacity serum

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Deathrest capacity serum

Deathrest capacity serum

A serum that permanently increases the number of deathrest buildings a person can connect to during deathrest.
The serum can only be ingested by individuals with the deathrest gene.

Base Stats

Exotic item
Market Value
1000 Silver
Stack Limit
0.50 kg

The deathrest capacity serum gives a pawn that ingests it the ability to link to an additional deathrest facility.


Deathrest capacity serums can be obtained via trading with trade ships, Outlander faction bases, and through quest rewards.


These serums can only be ingested by pawns with the Deathrest gene, consuming the item.

Upon consumption, they increase the deathrest building capacity of the pawn by 1 per serum. This allows the pawn to connect to more buildings at once, like hemopumps and deathrest accelerators.


Serums are modestly common from trade with most outlander faction bases averaging slightly less than one per restock,[Verify] but are moderately expensive. A colony with an active trade economy can collect enough serums to fully outfit a number of deathresters, but the process will be gradual and expensive. As such, if multiple deathresters are in a colony it pays to be strategic about how they are applied.

If the deathresters and their time are equally important, then simply applying serums in turn can work. If they are not equally important, then several break points exist after this where there are diminishing returns for prioritizing one pawn over another.

  1. Get everyone to 2 (1 serum) to use 2 Deathrest accelerators
  2. Get a nonpsycaster to 6 (5 serums) to use 2 Deathrest accelerators and 4 glucosoid pumps
  3. Get a psycaster to 10 (9 serums) to use 2 Deathrest accelerators, 4 glucosoid pumps, 4 psychofluid pumps

The most important buildings to install are deathrest accelerators (max 2) and glucosoid pumps (max 4). These buildings can help virtually any deathrester, though to varying extents.

If the important pawn is not a psycaster,Content added by the Royalty DLC then psychofluid pumps are more likely to be a detriment and so can be ignored. Hemopumps and hemogen amplifiers are the least impactful buildings. Hemogen storage capacity rarely matters, unless you need to use 80+ hemogen in a single combat scenario. Hemogen gain per feeding can be compensated by having more colonists, prisoners, or slavesContent added by the Ideology DLC (and the extra food to feed them). Using either would be a poor return, when another deathrester could get access to the more impactful facilities.

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