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A small mechanoid designed to perform construction tasks. It can perform blunt melee attacks if necessary.

Base Stats

Market Value
800 Silver


Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat

Pawn Stats

Move Speed
3.4 c/s
Body Size
42 kg
Pack Capacity
24.5 kg
Carrying Capacity
53 kg
Filth Rate
Life Expectancy
2500 years
Comfortable Temp Range
-100 °C – 250 °C (-148 °F – 482 °F)

Melee Combat

10 dmg (Blunt)
15 % AP
2.9 second cooldown
Average DPS


Crafted At
Mech gestator
Required Research
Basic mechtech
Gestation Cycles
Resources to make
Steel 50 + Basic subcore 1

A constructoid is a mechanoid added by the Biotech DLC that is capable of constructing and repairing buildings.


Constructoids can be gestated by a mechanitor at a Mech gestator once the Basic mechtech research project has been completed. They require Steel 50 Steel, Basic subcore 1 Basic subcore and 1 gestation cycle taking 1,800 ticks (30 secs) each to initiate. They take up 1 bandwidth from their linked mechanitor.

Dead, friendly constructoids can also be resurrected at the mech gestator using the "Resurrect light mechanoid" bill. This requires the corpse of the friendly Constructoid, Steel 25 steel, and 1 gestation cycle taking 1,800 ticks (30 secs) to initiate.


As mechanoids, every constructoid is immune to fire, Flame and Heat damage, and temperature extremes, despite having Comfortable Temperatures defined. They have 100% Toxic Resistance and Toxic Environment Resistance, making them immune to toxic buildup, rot stink and other toxic effects. They do not need to eat, rest, and have no mood. They will be stunned by EMP attacks for a time proportional to the EMP damage inflicted and will "adapt" and rendered immune to further EMP strikes for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs).

Dead constructoids may be shredded at the machining table or crafting spot for Steel 10 steel. However, these values are affected by mechanoid shredding efficiency, as well as missing parts on the constructoid.


Constructoids can only make melee attacks. They have a melee hit chance of 62%, equivalent to a pawn with a Melee skill of 4.

As a labor-focused mech, constructoids are never found in mechanoid raids.

As an ally[edit]

Mechs under player control require power: constructoids use 10% of their power per day while active. If set to dormant self-charging, they instead recharge for +1% power / day, without pollution. They recharge in a mech recharger (constant 200W), for 50% power/day, creating 5 wastepacks whenever the recharger's waste is filled up.


Constructoids will do tasks associated with the Construction tab; they can't be manually controlled, except when drafted. They have an effective Construction skill of 10. However, they have a base Construction Speed set to 50%, and a further Global Work Speed modifier of 50%. This results in a Construction Speed stat of 25%, which is 21% as fast as a human of the same skill.

Constructoids will also move items and cut plants to start working on a blueprint, however they have an effective plants skill of 0 and move at 3.4 c/s, 26% slower than a human.


Due to the construction speed of 25%, constructoids are inferior to a pawn skilled in construction. However, they have the advantages of being a mech, without the need for food, recreation, or rest, and being able to be built en-masse.

With a skill of 10, they can build almost any skill-locked building, and a healthy constructoid's Construct Success Chance will be at 100% (so can't botch a building). Constructoids are useful for building a lot of things without quality, such as walls and floors. Even if you have colonists better at Construction, the mech will help save work time. Urgent buildings, and buildings with quality (like armchairs), should still be left for skilled humans. In order to control where they build, you can set a zone for them.

If a building has a quality level, but requires a substantial amount of work to build, you can save time by having a constructoid work on it while your skilled builders do other things (such as sleep or build other furniture). When the building is near completion, simply manually order the builder to work on the furniture, or forbid it until a builder is available. As a building's quality is determined only by the skill level of the last builder to work on it, this can save a substantial amount of time, especially when working on buildings that may take over a day to build (such as a stone grand meditation throneContent added by the Royalty DLC) by allowing work to continue uninterrupted.

Once you've built your entire base, you can put constructoids to work by producing constant spike traps. As time isn't an issue, you can have these traps made out of stone. You can also use mech labor to build other labor-intensive structures, such as fine stone tilesContent added by the Royalty DLC. Ideally, you should turn your colonist's construction priority down, so that you can keep constructoids in work. Alternatively, you can disassemble the constructoid - you'll get the basic subcore and some steel back.


Body Parts (Summary)[edit]

Body Part Name Health Quantity Coverage[1] Target Chance[2] Subpart of Internal Capacity[3] Effect if Destroyed/Removed
Thorax 40 1 100% 40% N/A[4] Ex.png - Death
Will never take permanent injury
Neck 30 1 10% 2% Thorax Ex.png Communication Death
Will never take permanent injury
Head 30 1 80% 4.6% Neck Ex.png - Death
Will never take permanent injury
Artificial Brain 10 1 10% 0.8% Head Check.png Data Processing Death
Will never take permanent injury
Sight Sensor 10 1 13% 1% Head Ex.png Sight −25% Sight. −100% if both lost.
Will never take permanent injury
Hearing Sensor 10 1 10% 0.8% Head Ex.png Hearing −25% Hearing. −100% if both lost.
Will never take permanent injury
Chemical Analyzer 10 1 10% 0.8% Head Ex.png - Will never take permanent injury
Leg 30 2 20% 16% Thorax Ex.png Moving −50% Moving.
Will never take permanent injury
Foot 20 2 20% 4% Leg Ex.png Moving −50% Moving.
Will never take permanent injury
Reactor 20 1 6% 6% Thorax Check.png Power Generation Death
Will never take permanent injury
Fluid Reprocessor 15 1 4% 4% Thorax Check.png Fluid Reprocessing Death
Will never take permanent injury
  1. Coverage determines the chance to hit this body part. It refers to the percentage of the super-part that this part covers, before its own sub-parts claim their own percentage. For example, if the base coverage of the super-part is 100%, and the coverage of the part is 20%, 20% of hits would hit the part, and 80% the super-part. If the part had its own sub-part with 50% coverage, the chances would be 10% sub-part, 10% part, 80% super part.
  2. Target Chance is the actual chance for each part to be be selected as the target when each part's coverage has been taken into account(I.E. Neck covers 7.5% of Torso but Head covers 80% of Neck so it actually has only a 1.5% chance to be selected). This is not pure hit chance, as different damage types propagate damage in different ways. See that page for details.
  3. Note that capacities can affect other capacities in turn. Only the primary effect is listed. See specific pages for details.
  4. This is the part that everything else connects to to be considered 'connected'.


Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.4.3555 - No longer wields a Slugthrower. Previous description: "A small mechanoid designed to perform construction tasks. It is equipped with a small slug gun for light defense. It can also perform blunt melee attacks if necessary."
  • Version/1.4.3901 or prior - Melee attack damage reduced from 15 to 10.