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Impids are a xenotype of fire-breathing devilish desertpeople. They are adapted well to the desert, but sacrifice ability with melee fighting, plants, and animals, to accomplish this. They're recognizable by their horns, bright skin, and fire-breathing attacks.


Made for desert life, impid cultures live on many rimworlds and dry deathworlds. Impids are extremely fast-moving, easily tolerate high temperatures, and can spew fire from their mouths. Though they are masters on the sand, impids struggle in other environments. They are terrible with farming. They fight well at range, but in close combat their physical weakness becomes apparent.
Outlanders call them dustrunners because of their speed over open terrain and resistance to heat. Some tribes call them devils because of their horns and because they burn their enemies.
The savage impid tribe has no intention of coexisting peacefully with anyone else. Their warriors are experts at using their natural speed and flame attacks to burn the towns and children of other peoples. Impid tribes' combat tactics usually center on rapid-approach incendiary attacks using both handheld fire weapons and their fire spew ability.
Having been on the planet for thousands of years, the origins of this tribe are lost in myth. They might descend from a group of settlers who lost their technology, or an impid community in some long-ruined civilization.
- In Game Description


Impids generally live in the desert and their genes reflect this. Their genetic complexity is 11, and metabolic efficiency is 0, giving no effect on their hunger rate.


Impids have a mixed bag of physical abilities, but their fire spew ability is their main talent. They also have flame-colored skin, horns, blond hair, with no beards, making them quite recognizable. Their genes are all hereditary germline genes, unlike the xenogenes of some other xenotypes, like hussars.


  • Fire spew (called like a psycasting ability). Fire spew allows you to direct your impid to spray flames at their enemies with a recharge period of five days. When the impid is drafted, a box at the bottom of the screen will appear to let you do this. The fire can be directed out in a broad stream in the direction you choose.


  • Weak immunity
  • Slow wound healing
  • Very fast runner
  • Pessimist
  • Cold weakness
  • Heat super-tolerant
  • Fire resistant
  • Weak melee damage


  • Beardless
  • Mini-horns
  • Sandy-blonde hair
  • Pale yellow skin


  • Poor plants
  • Poor animals


You'll meet many impids when you get attacked by the Savage Impid Tribe: a vicious tribe with every intention of burning your base down. There is a slight chance that impids will show up with various pirate gangs, but it appears impids do not attempt to peacefully cohabitate in regular tribes and unions.